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    I am overjoyed to report that on January 12, 2015, my wonderful and very brave husband, Mike, had a successful extended liver resection! It was performed at UCSF Medical Center by Dr. Carlos Corvera, Director of Liver, Billiary and Pancreatic Surgery and his team, and the results exceeded the team’s expectations! Mike had Bismouth type IIIA Perihilar Cholangiocarcinoma and had previously been deemed “unresectable” by centers with expertise in CC. I am posting our results to let everyone on this discussion board know that there is HOPE, and to keep searching for the best treatment options available, and that new options continue to become available. Also, to thank everyone involved in educating & supporting us and encouraging us to stay positive.

    Today, about four weeks post op, Mike is recovering at home. The final pathology reports are encouraging – R0 margins surrounding the bile duct, and R1 (barely) on the liver remnant. The entire tumor was excised and the pathology for the liver remnant showed a few stray microscopic cells. Dr. Corvera is confident that this is nothing to worry about because he cauterized that area, hopefully killing any remaining CC cells. We will find out soon if the Tumor Board recommends follow up treatment. Overall, the doctors are thrilled with the surgical outcome.

    We are incredibly grateful to so many people. To Dr. Corvera and his all-star surgical team for the precious gift of time together as a family. To all of the members of this community – patients, caregivers and moderators -for sharing their knowledge, experience and support. Over and over again we’ve been deeply touched by the selfless acts of sharing our members make despite their own pain and suffering, in order to help others. We have benefitted in so many ways from all of your postings. We are grateful to Sue A., co-founder of The Bili Project Foundation based here on the west coast, for her invaluable advice, encouragement, and caring support. And we will be eternally grateful to CC’s Marion S. for strongly advising us to reach out to another top liver surgeon for a second surgical opinion. Dr. Kato’s recommendation provided the impetus we needed to choose the surgical path. We realize that today we are “standing on the shoulders of giants” and we thank each and every member of this community for making our success possible.

    If anyone is interested in the full story of Mike’s journey with CC, please email me separately and I will be happy to forward a summary.


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