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    Hi Xepalomero. Many on this Board are proponents of the “Anti Cancer” Book.
    You might also want to use our search engine at the top of the page. Just type in Nutrition and many posts will appear about nutrition.


    Me and my wife are under a great influence of The Zone diet philosophy, introduced (I think in the late 80s) by the american biochemist – Dr. Barry Sears. It advocates, among other things, consuming calories from carbs, proteins and fat in a balanced ratio and it stresses the importance of Omega 3 intake on a daily basis. My grandma who was recently diagnosed with Klatskin type CC would off course not be able to follow the strict rules of this diet (which would include 5 regular meals during a day) but I feel (and there is some evidence) that insisting that her meals contain enough carbs (preferably from fruit and vegetables, no rafined sugars, no artificial sweeteners ( perhaps Agave syrup, fructose or Stevia instead)), enough proteins (if not red meat / chicken then fresh fish, or at least enough proteins from dairy products or in form of powders) and enough good fat (ok, perhaps not too much but based on olive oil, purified fish oil and almonds) can only do her good, don’t you think?
    We are giving my grandmother two little cups of NONI tahitian juice (alleged immunity booster) per day, Aloe Vera extract – also in form of a juice, Purified Fish oil (to increase her Omega 3 (EPA) intake). She’s eating vegetables (broccoli, spinach, carrot), steam-cooked fish, some meat. We’ve also started giving her Abbott’s Prosure supplement meals for cancer patients.
    We’ve been able to get her some organic food (like vegetables and fish) but here in our country it’s still hard to find organic dairy products – and she loves them! -so we’ll try to get it from abroad, if possible). I’m also planning to get her ImmunoAHCC supplement before she starts her chemotherapy. I also think that vitamines B6 and D3 should do her some good. Still don’t know anything about IP-6….


    Roma35, I feel I’m on your shoes too. I found this article is worth to read
    My mom not on chemo yet. I’m changing her diet on vegie no meat/dairy but she’s been loosing weight. Trying to get her protein supplement. She’s diabetic also so she can’t really have any sugar. Perhaps from real fruit is better. It’s a really crazy battle with that stupid tummor. Keep on and keep fighting.


    Thanks Marion for the kind words. I think I drive my dad nuts sometimes with my diet ideas, but I realized if I switch around my juices every week, he is more apt to be receptive. I cant give him a Beet, brocolli, carrot, garlic juice combo everyday, so I will do that once a week. He really likes my fruit juices, but I don’t like him to have too much sugar(sugar has said to feed cancer) so I will give him a fresh grapefruit or pinapple juice a few times a week only. Not everything in his diet is good, maybe a bit too much red wine, and occasionally he has lamb, but the way I see that, while he still can eat and have an appetite for foods and drinks he likes, his digestive system is still functioning relatively well.


    Barbara……..Your Dad’s diet sounds great in fact; it simply is a healthy way to eat. I believe that when physicians talk about homeopathic treatments they are more concerned about plants or plant derivatives not commonly known in this country which may have unknown side effects therefore, it possibly could lead to misinterpretations of the patient


    I am relatively new to the site, but not so new to the cancer. My father was diagnosed with CC July 07. We were fortunate enough that he was operable and had the tumor removed. The Whipple wasnt
    easy, and he is still suffering side effects, but he is alive and he accepts that he alternative would be much worse. Now “suspicious” nodules have been found in his lungs(3- 2 in left and 1 in the right)They were small mm, but they changed over two months, and enlarged, and our Oncologist and Pulminologist are fairly certain it is the Cancer that has returned. The nodules at the end of August were too small to Biaopsy, we go to a different hospital this Thursday(CTCA) for a second opinion. Since my fathers Whipple surgury, I have been giving him fresh vegetable juices everyday, usually carrot(up until recently, now they make him sick, he has even vomited after dirinking) I also give him 500 mg Vitamin B 17, (Has anyone read World Without Cancer?) the book talks about how all our bodies are missing this vitamin and it contains cyanide that can ward off cancer. I was giving my dad 1500 miligrams a day, but he thought it was bothering his stomach. He drinks a cup of green tea everyday with honey. I wish would drink a couple, but my dad is set in his ways, and this is the best he will do for me. He also eats tons and tons of fruit, and fish atleast twice a week. I have heard good and bad about Vitamin C. I personally think it strange when Drs. say “they don’t want the patient taking anything homeopathic when the patient is doing chemo”. If it is all natural, how can it effect the outcome of chemo, whiy wouldn’t they think it would if anything help and boost the immune system. I haven’t been doing this cancer as long as others, but I have learned allready to not always listen to the our Drs.


    Hi Jobe, My husband also takes vitamin D3 …check out the following link.



    How about vitamen D? A friend who is dealing with breast cancer said her doctor prescribed it for her. 2000mg per day. Any feedback?


    I have been working with Stuart Green of Immunecology, Ltd. This is what he put together for my father. All products are natural and organic. Each of the four items play a specific role. LAURICIDIN – which is a cancer cell killer; VIRAWALL – is a bright blue powder with a slightly sulfurous taste. It is a protein derived from organically cultivated bluegreen algae. PEKANA – is a formulation to support the liver, lymphatic system and kidneys. Finally, DEEP ECOLOGY – which is a blend of medicinal mushrooms. My dad is using a formula called Vicara. This formula combines mushrooms that have displayed various effects on cancer, from inhibition of tumor blood vessel formulation to the stimulation of the immune system including natural anti-cancer cells. If anyone is interested in following up with Immunecology, Ltd you can email them at


    Thanks a Bunch! I’m going to make believe I’m Popeye the Sailor Man for a while. Ha!
    Jeff G.


    Hi Jeff,
    I just read your post so I guess your wife is home safe and sound now. Yes I feed my husband a lot of spinach! Our usual evening meal is his 16 oz. of carrot juice and a big bowl of spinach or broccoli. We eat a bigger lunch so that is really all he wants. He’s actually fighting to not gain weight back. We just planted our garden over the weekend so hopefully we’ll have our own fresh veggies soon! We’re enjoying the nice weather after 2 1/2 weeks of below normal temps. We have a little greenhouse business so I’m hoping we can start making a little money- it seems like all we do is spend it! Take care and keep planting those flowers!! I wish I could give you some. My husband got sick in June last year and we walked away from our business and we threw away flat after flat of dead plants this year when we cleaned out our houses. Very depressing! I’m glad I was able to drop everything though and be with him all the time that he needed me last year. Have a great day and start eating that spinach!! Mary


    As to your question about Ambrotose-my father-in-law swore by it. He was diagnosed in 2005 with CC and unfortunately just passed in March of this year. He said that in made him feel like a new person-more energy, better appetite, better attitude-just a better overall feeling. In his last few months, he was unable to take anything by mouth and asked me to investigate the use of Ambrotose intravenously. I called Mannatech and they said they had heard of it, but could not give me any information other than that. I believe it helped extend his life and also improved the quality.



    Mary. main article on Cancer Compass today was the use of Ip-6 with inostol and spinach listing all the cancer fighting minerales and vitamins: vit C,A,K,E, B-6,Manganese,magnesium iorn,caliciam,potassium,copper,phosphous,zinc and folate asn high fiber, as well as beta- carateen. the use of Ip-6 was a controversal thing about taking during chemo treatments. But thet say it ‘s a myth and could even assist in killing the cancer cells. I used to take IP-6 with inostol and eat alot of spinach. I thing I will start it back up again just for the hecht of it. Of cause will need to add an iron supplement if taken long term Ip-6. Check it out if your hubby likes spinach. The title is” do what the sailor does” Just thought I would past along. You have a nice day. My wife returns from England today so I know I’m happy. Just going crazy waiting to go pick her up at the airport. Only 15 minutes away.
    God Bless You,
    Jeff G.


    I think diet is very important. My husband also drinks fresh carrot juice- I tried adding beets but he got sick and gagged every time I added them so he takes beet root extract. He also takes Maitake Mushroom pills, Milk Thistle and Fish Oil capsules for Omega 3. I give him a very limited amount of meat products and very little or no sugar. Lots of vegetables, whole grains and fruits and like you said, exercise. We don’t have a lot of sun right now but he gets lots when he can!! Good luck!!I hope Patty has great success with this program. Mary


    My wife, Patty, was diagnosed with CC in Feb. 07 she has decided to not go with any chemo or radiaiton. She knows that it does prolong life in some cases but the quality of life is in question. We are trying her on IP-6. We have heard some good report on it. We have heard some positive reports with using Manatech’s Ambrotose. Has anyone used it or heard anything about it? Patty is on an extensive program which includes mega amounts of fresh carrot juice and garlic and celery and beets with the tiops are juiced also. She is also taking Chapparell and Par de’ Arco and red clover. She is on mostly fresh raw veggie diet. No sugar or animal products. She drinks Dr. Shultz’ super food mixed with lecithin and debittered brewer’s yeast in rice milk several times a day for energy. Extract of blood root and extract of polk root is also added. Milk thistle is also part of the program. Plenty of exercise and sunshine and a lot of distilled water to drink with lemon juice is added. A positive attitude also is part of the program. We include a lot of prayer.

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