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    Thanks – met the surgeon last week and I expect to have operation before month end. He advised that if all goes to plan, I should expect to be in hospital for 10/12 days with 10/12 weeks stay at home. As part of pancreas is removed, his greatest concern seems to be leakages. Ger


    If you are in fact having the Whipple, it is said to be one of the most grueling recoveries out there. BUt, how great to be able to have a resection!! I will say, my dad had the whipple at age 72, and although it was very tough, he fully recovered. Within 3 months eating what ever he wanted, walking 3 miles a day, working. YOu have youth on your side! I agree, lets hope the surgeon gets in, gets tumor out and no complications. I am sending prayers your way.


    Thanks for the advice and kind words of support. I’ll keep you posted and hopefully the surgeon does not find any surprises during surgery and things go to plan.



    Hi Ger, I myself had that whipple surgery on Sept 21, 2008. It is not a day at the beach for sure, however, it is survivable. Depending on where your tumor is, they will remove either the head or the tail of the pancreas. It gets tricky when the tumor involves the portal vein, which if that is the case , surgery is generally ruled out before hand, however, sometimes they get in there and have a clearer vision that the scans and ercp allow. I wish you the best, and please if you have any questions, I would be most happy to relay my experiences.



    Hi Ger,

    Welcome to the site, although I am sorry that you have to be here. I can’t help you with your question regarding surgery as my dads CC is inoperable. No doubt others will be along soon to add to Lainy’s comments and experience regarding surgery. I hope you will stick around as you will get loads of support here.

    Good luck with the surgery and my best wishes to you.



    Hello, Ger – & good luck with the surgery!! I can’t help with your question as surgery was ruled out in my sister’s case, but I wanted to welcome you to this wonderful site.



    Hi Ger and welcome to our little world! Did the Oncologist say you were to have a Whipple Surgery? IF so there is a Search Engine on the top right corner of the page and you can pull up my husband’s experience with the Whipple.
    With the Whipple the head of the Pancreas is removed to get to the tumor. my husband had no problems with the Pancreas did have a bag for bile drainage for awhile. There is always a chance for complication with any surgery. I would also advise you to look it up on the web and read as much as you can on our Board. Then you an be able to ask a ton of questions. Glad the tumor is small and that it can be taken care of. Please keep us posted.


    I was diagnosed with CC recently and met with the surgeon for first time today to discuss the operation to take place later this month. The good news is the tumour is small and resectable but it’s close to the pancreas and a section of the pancreas needs to be removed during the operation. The surgeon indicated that this would be the tricky part of the operation and there may be complications/leakages. I’m afriad I’m still new to CC and I did not think to quiz him more about the complications. I would be interested in hearing from members with any experience of complications particularly relating to the part removal of the pancreas.



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