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    Duke, you NEVER fail to crack me up! Actually Robin will only be here a few days. She lives 15 minutes from me and I really like being alone when healing. She just out and out told me I am NOT going to be alone at first! I said. OK. You see I am blessed that my daughter is also my best friend. She is a realtor and can easily do her work from here. My Granddaughter, Lexy will be sitting with her at the Hospital. But I know they have ulterior motives. The gift shop is great! And actually the cafeteria is quite good. Better than what I will be having. I am like others…each day for the last week wondering if I really need this surgery but then every day until about 5ish it is like I have a flu the whole day and then I know I am doing the right thing. Thank you Cuz,


    Make sure it is a genuine Gucci or or Coach or something else Prada, no knockoffs permitted.

    We’ll be praying for the surgical team as well as you. You have the easy while they work hard. And then Robin works hard while you can be Cleopatra for 2 months. Maybe we should add her to our prayers.



    Tuesday is almost be here and I am ready to update my tummy, enough Colitis! I realized this is my 5th surgery through one scar and if I had known 50 years ago, I would have had them put in a zipper or Velcro.
    Surgery is scheduled for 930AM on the 28th and my daughter, Robin will have you in our loop. It could take 3 or 4 hours depending on old scar tissue. I am getting a “designer bag” as Robin put it. Hospital stay about 5 days and the Surgeon said it will be a 2 month recoupe, but you all know me better than that! Will succumb to a walker for awhile. See how easy Robin has traded places with her Mom. She is now my Mom and I am blessed. She will stay here until she feels I can be alone.
    From a very dear Lady on our CC Board, I am going to get “my bag of choice”. Love It! Thanks, Sandy.
    Accepting all prayers and good thoughts, all ‘denominations’ as we are all going to the same place, just taking different paths to get there. Love to you all!

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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