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    Hi Glenda and many thanks for the report on your husband’s ‘successful’ surgery. I wish him a speedy and non complicated recovery. Have patience the recovery takes time. Take care of yourself as well, us care givers sometimes forget to do that. Please keep us posted on his recovery and I am wishing you both the very best!


    Glenda….Congratulations on a successful surgery. What a whirlwind this has been! A pillow held tightly against his abdomen while coughing greatly helps with the pain. And, they will want him to cough up the phlegm. (I steer clear of calling it “discomfort.”) You will see him improving day by day and I hope for you to get some rest too.
    Please, keep us posted on the biopsy results.
    Good night, Glenda.
    All my best wishes,


    Wow, that is a roller coaster! Wishing him a smooth recovery and a negative biopsy!

    Take care,



    10 hours of surgery to remove my husbands common bile duct, the right lobe of his liver and part of the left. I’m sitting in ICU for the night with him. Good news is there were clean margins and the dr didn’t think this appeared to be cc. Thinks it might actually be a severe inflammation resulting in the stricture of the bile duct. Odd to me that he would have removed so much of the liver if it’s not cancer and until the path reports come back we don’t know for sure.

    Just wondering, I know Augmentin can cause liver problems and my husbands issues all started several weeks after finishing a script for augmentin which makes me go hmm. It appears tho that most people don’t have permanent damage from antibiotics?

    This has definitely been a roller coaster ride of first docs saying it must be cc then saying no we don’t think it is, go to the next dr and repeat the cycle. Not sure what to think, I just hope he recovers without complications.


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