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    Prayers for you, so sorry you have to go though this.


    I’m so sorry. My prayers are with you.


    I am very sorry that they could not proceed with the surgery. This is heartbreaking news, made all the more difficult by the fact that there is just no warning of this outcome in advance of the surgery. All of us fighting this cancer have had setbacks that at the time can seem insurmountable. Key to moving forward seems to be allowing ourselves to express our initial feelings of anger and frustration. In the end, though, we each seem to find renewed strength and determination to continue the fight. We will all continue to lift you up with our thoughts and prayers, and I know you will find that strength too.



    So sorry to hear they couldn’t do the surgery. Keep us posted on your treatment plan. I think talking to someone is a great idea. It’s so stressful to deal with this disease.

    take care,



    Thinking of you and praying you wake up free xxx


    joteach…So sorry to hear the news. Technology has come far, but for us it has a long way to go yet. These darn cancer cells like to seed and avoid detection of anything more than 1 cm in size. (Scan plate thickness.) Therefore, the true extent of the disease can only be determined via the surgeon’s eyes. Unfortunately, we see this quite often on this site.
    Joe, this is a time to let it all out in order to regain your physical strengths and your emotional equilibrium. And, then dear Joe, reach for the boxing gloves. You have a great team of physicians looking out for you and you can count on us. We are together on this roller coaster.


    I am so sorry to hear about your aborted surgery. I almost know how you feel, as they cancelled my resection 4 days before I was supposed to have it. It is the most depressing news… just try to stay strong and remember: the longer you stay alive the closer you are to someone finding a cure.
    I know that doesn’t help right now, but know my prayers are with you for a new protocol that proves successful.


    I am just heartbroken about you, Joteach. That must have been the most devastating thing to go through not one, but two times. I don’t understand why in 2012, they do not have scans that can see everything inside the body. I hope seeing a professional will help you to deal with things. I know after you come to terms with your disappointment, you will continue the fight. CC patients are the bravest people I know.

    Hugs and prayers, -Pam


    hi joteach, we’re disappointed with you but this CC can be a very rough ride. (my husband has it.) i got a lot of encouragement from laura york’s case–she had a grim dx (and surgery wasn’t an option) but is now doing GREAT.
    you’re in my prayers,


    Dearest Joteach, I am so very sorry about the aborted surgery BUT you still have options, not what you hoped for and perhaps they can be taken care of with the Chemo. The imnportant thing is to heal now and hopefully you will have answers on the 14th. I think a “shrink” is good to get you over this rough spot, I can only imagine what you are feeling right now. Sending you huge cyber hugs {},{}!You never know how strong you are until “strong” is the only choice you have!


    Well, unfortunately I am home already. They could not do the resection. When they went in with the laproscope, they did see that the tumor had shrunk enough for the resection, but they also saw lots of little lesions all over my liver. Apparently they are too small to show up on the CAT scans. So, they didn’t proceed.
    I am heartbroken, and can’t understand how this happened. I am meeting with the team on the 14th, after I heal up a little more. I think they said radiation is out of the question for now, because they can’t see the lesions on the scans. It looks like back to chemotherapy.
    I asked my doctor for a referral to a shrink. I need someone to scream at. I just really thought this time it was all going to be good.


    Wishing you the best, hope they ‘proceed’ this time!!!


    Best of luck to you! Praying for you, your family and your surgeons!


    All the best of luck. Hope surgery goes well and wish u a speedy recovery, I will offer up prayers for you.



    hope surgery went well. can’t wait to hear good news and wishing you a speedy recovery

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