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    Malc….Congratulations on your three year update; you know how to make a person smile.
    Of course you will run the 10k next year. We are all rooting for you.


    Malc..I share in your joy of what life has held since the fateful words. Nothing ever was or has been as heart wrenching, but the sum total of all the things that have happened since has been amazing. Keeping tallying of all the joys has become much easier! Thanks for sharing your good news


    Dear Malc, OMG so good to see your smiling face! Even better is your wonderful update! You sure give a whole lot of hope to our whole family. I wish you continued success and thank you so very much for the wonderful news!!! A 10K??? Keep us posted!


    Just about three years since I heard the words “it’s cholangiocarcinoma”.

    Seen two new grandchildren arrive and several European vacations plus lots of good times. Still working. Still swimming and walking…I will run a 10k next year..perhaps…

    Still enjoying fabulous autumn colours…still feeling amazingly fortunate…


    Kathy, so glad hernia surgery went well and you are home. What can I expect when they schedule my surgery ?
    Praying for your speedy recovery


    I would LOVE TO SEE YOUR GRANDKIDS! There it nothing like it in the world. They have no expectations and give so much love. I have 4 here in Phoenix however, 3 are in College but we still have our baby, who is 16 at home. I call him my Grandson/boyfriend as he always has to sit next to me! So, go ahead and post the pictures lets see what the Irish clan looks like! Yours are quite a good mixture as are mine if you can imagine Jewish/Japanese. 2 great cultures. Of course they think they are Sicilian too as Teddy was Sicilian even if he did come along later, he was with them most of their lives. Intermarriages today bring the best worlds together!


    Oh Lainy. You know I should post my beautiful Irish/welsh/American grand children’s pictures and you will see why I’m so crazily enamored. But I know everyone with grandchildren feels the same way . I wore my little red ceramic heart pin on my hospital gown that my 5 year old grandson Oliver made for me. And I was surrounded by the care of the nurses on the mainly pancreatic cancer surgical ward. Where are so many angels found all at one time in one place? I can hardly contain myself from packing. Have to have a few tubes out first :)


    Chez…congratulations on the Hernia repair. Who is old? I thought everyone on this Board was under 40!!!!!! Including me. It looks like all things are go for your BIG CHRISTMAS TRIP TO IRELAND. I would probably be packed already. Many thanks for the good update!


    Hernia repair done! 3 nights rather than 1. Sometimes anesthesia can be a challenge to the older ! I’m glad to see that 80 was mentioned as “elderly ” on one if the other threads so now I can feel young :) I only noticed the slower comeback from the anesthetic this time. Onward for all of us. We have good years ahead.


    Dear Gary, Holy Moly! What a story, so happy to hear about former wife and how she is doing sad to hear about present wife. You certainy are a one of a kind Care Taker. A good one. I don’t think I have ever heard of a stent lasting 2 years without being changed. Mmmmm let’s see what others have to say. Have they check her for a blood infection? My husband used to get blood infections and they take a blood test that has to be cultured and that takes 4 -5 days. They usually started him on Levaquin in an IV and it helped almost right away. A blood infection usulaly gives them chills and fevers. I am sending prayers for both women and please do keep us updated, we truly care.


    Hello everybody,haven’t posted here in a long time since I started advocating for the mother of our two kids (my ex-wife) was dx 2 1/2 years ago. gemzar/ cisplatin/tarceva for last 2 years. I discontinued advocacy for her after 6 mo due to the fact she was finally getting treatment after being denied and dropped by her insurance company, also my very time consuming advocacy was putting a strain on my current marriage ! I actually separated from my current wife for a year, but won her heart back ! Lost 2 , won 2.
    Then 2 months after life was good again, my current wife was dx with lung carcinoid (neuroendocrine cancer). She has mets to: lymph’s, mediastinal, thyroid, pancreas, liver, pelvis, leg and arm bones, skull and most all the vertebrata in her spine!

    I am now also back to advocating for my ex-wife as well.
    She (ex) has been doing great, her ca-19 is 30-40. Pets look good, no mets of note…..however she has been battling infections for months now and is in the hospital while they scratch their heads trying to figure it out….
    I’m thinking cholangitis and replace the stent that’s over 2 years old ? Suggestions welcomed ?:/

    And I have just have to say a big thank you to all of you for being here and helping . You make a difference, and today there are hundreds if not thousands who are alive because you took the time to care and share your knowledge and your compassion. For me personally, it gave me the tools to be an advocate and caregiver to two of the most wonderful women I have known. Their alive today because of all of you. And I (think) I have become a better person for it. Thank You! And God bless you. Gary


    WOW! Kathy….Gandchildren, Christmas and Ireland…put them all together and you ARE soooo Blessed!


    Thanks Lisa and Lainy. It’ll be good to get this behind. I just got tickets for us to go to see our son , his wife, and our three little grandchildren in Ireland for Christmas. I can’t get enough of them!!! One of life’s many blessings and I’m so grateful that I’m here to enjoy them.


    Good Luck with hernia surgery. I need a couple more clean scans before they will surgically repair mine which is also on the incisional line. Mine seems to get bigger and protrude more at night, they gave me a binder to wear but it is so unattractive under clothes I have avoided it………will be praying for you on the 16th.


    Kathy, there are a lot of amazing stories here and HOPE and Miracles and you are among them. My Teddy had hernia repair (2 of them) before the CC and he just over nighted in the hospital. The most important thing is to not lift anything for a couple of weeks. Just a suggestion…..I had surgery 3 years ago upper intestine for another rare cancer. As they scooted me on to the surgery table the thought crossed my mind to ask for an epidural so that I would not have pain of any kind the first day after. It does not hurt to ask or to get the epidural. I am glad I did. I will be thinking of you on the 16th.

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