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    Hello Sandie and welcome to our extraordinary family but sorry you had to join us. We never know survival rate which is why we don’t listen to numbers. We have some Stage IV who have survived and we have some lower stages who have not. The general rule of thought is that surgery is the only way to stamp CC out. Attitude plays a great part in this and if you can laugh through all you have been through, you have a great attitude. Wishing you the very best and please keep us posted on your progress.


    Hello, my name is Sandie, I am English but live in France. Last November I experienced a dull pain in my right side. The following day I visited by Doctor who organised a blood test for the next day. My Gamma GT was extremely high and following an ultrasound I was admitted to hospital for further tests. During a CT they found I had a large tumor on the right of my liver. I saw a liver specialist and was told that unless the tumor was removed I would not live longer than 2 months. I had a portal vein embolisation that cut the blood supply to the right side of my liver and forced the left side to grow. In January I had a resection and the tumor removed. I was released from hospital after 10 days but 10 days later was readmitted as an emergency following chronic pain. I had an emergency operation where 4 litres of bile were removed from my inside and my organs flushed clean. Four days later I had a stent inserted and then started a course of radio and chemo therapy which I am still on. The stent was removed and I will have an MRI in a few weeks. This entire process has been complicated by the fact that my French is limited and the French have limited English. However, I have been strong throughout and have had many laughs with the wonderful French staff at the various hospitals. I really have one question – having got this far, what are the chances of the cancer recurring?

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)
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