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    This is Terri, Suzanne’s sister – hello all – and hello, Hans! Nice to hear from you – thought of you and Kris yesterday. Suzanne is doing ok, despite having been out of treatment since March of this year. She has had many different types of treatment over the last 3 years and none of them were as effective as we hoped they would be & also investigated having a liver transplant but unfortunately wasn’t a candidate. She feels relatively good and gets out fairly often to run errands, take in a movie or eat out. My family and I will be going to visit her and Eddie tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving. I will let her know you were asking about her – it will mean alot to her as she always got so much support from everyone on this board –


    Jamie…. Like Hans I have been thinking of Suzanne. Thank you, Jamie for letting us know about Suzanne and please pass on to her that she is missed on this site. The same goes for you, dear Jamie.
    All my best wishes,


    Hi Hans;
    Nice to hear from you especially on Kris’s birthday! We all miss her. I got an email from Suzanne over a month ago in response to an email I sent her about the chemo I was starting. She seemed to be hanging in there. Hope this helps! God BLess,
    Jamie D


    Hello there, a voice from the very dear past. It looks like the last post we had from SuzanneGM was October 15th. If you go to USer List above and type in Suzannegm her posts will come up and maybe there is an email address. I hope you are doing ok in your new normal. We think about Kris all the time!


    Since Kris passed away almost a year ago I’ve been neglecting this page (which was her home territory rather than mine) but when I’ve been browsing through it lately I can’t seem to find anything by Suzanne (Suzannegm) after February. Does anyone know…?

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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