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    Hi I think for me everything has become so hard.I have no family close by and my sister who lives in another state has just had a cancer diagnosis and so we are all just reeling about and I have 3 kids at home-the youngest in his last year of high school,one at university and one not well and I cant work the lawnmower so there you are and people tell me I am doing amazingly well but as you know Im really not



    Hi Janet. Where ever you want to read, where ever you want to post and what ever you want to post, we are here. The most caring group of people in the world. We are so sorry you had to come here but to know us is to love us. Take a few deep breaths and you will be surprised when all of a sudden your strength will come through. Please keep us posted.


    Dear Janet,

    Thanks for giving a name to your posts. I am glad you are going to stick with us. Without going into all the details, I will tell you that I too am dealing with a lot of other responsibilities along with trying to deal with my grief, so I do understand why you are feeling so overwhelmed, as so am I. I just try to remember that right now I have to come first or I will not be strong enough to handle all the rest. Everything else I will deal with one day at a time.

    I feel much the same as Joyce and agree with everything that she has said above. Join us on our thread whenever you want or need to.



    Hi Janet,
    I know what you mean. At the beginning, when Butch first passed, I was, for the most part only able to visit the grief section – actually only the posting that Sue, Darla Pauliune, and I still write on (Anthony). Everything else was just too much for me, and I WAS worried I would be a “downer” to other people. As time has passed, however, I like to check on the others here, and I rejoice at their good news, and, yes, feel sorrow at the bad news. I find it helpful, though, and it seems to help me with my healing process. I imagine that – in the future – you will also. Please join us on our “thread” – we would love to spend time with you.

    Love – Joyce C


    Hi I had along talk with my local doctor today.I was not travelling very well he has helped with this and Ithink I needed some help in ho w to use the site best.I will stick to the grief section.I am really a very sad and teary woman with a lot of responsibilities.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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