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    Dearest Lainy,

    My thoughts, love and prayers are with you and your family.

    Teddy will always have a special place in our cc familys hearts. I’m sure he’s watching down on you all from the Italian Restaurant in the sky with a big smile on his face, he will be so proud of you, Robin and your family. You have been amazing throughout your journey, always offering words of comfort, support and advice to others.

    Memories do certainly last forever, and you have many wonderful times to remember. I hope these bring comfort to you and your family along with knowing Teddy is now at peace.

    Lainy, we love you too and we couldn’t be without you either.

    Much love

    Andrea x


    My dearest Lainy

    I am so sorry to hear of Teddy’s passing. I am praying for both of you, how wonderful that you could journey with him to the end and I am so thankful that his passing was peaceful.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    with love and a huge hug




    You and Teddy have been in my thoughts and prayers so much recently and I am sorry to hear of Teddy’s passing. Yet, I remember when my father-in-law passed from Parkinson’s. It was just me, my husband and his parents. And the relief from pain and the sense of peace was so pure, it was hard to be upset. You are such a strong, loving person and I know you will be surrounded by family and friends. Allow them in and let them help you. They all love you as they loved Teddy and you are far from alone. I know you will miss Teddy, but you had such a wonderful life together. Try to celebrate the memories.

    Sending big hugs,



    my sensere condoleses,,,, i wisch you strength… hugs and kisses to you…



    Lainy….. what to say..Joel too was in the hospice just 3 nights.I do know a little how you are feeling,not quite the same as we are all different in our circumstances but we share a lot.Teddy was one of a kind and Lainy,I wish you strength++ to get through the next while love from Janet


    Dearest Lainy,

    You and Teddy have given me hope from day one, and now you have shown me the true beauty of love. Teddy is at peace, and I wish the same for you and your family. Godspeed, Teddy, you are tall enough to reach the stars. Bless you Lainy…may you take comfort in all of the love flowing towards you



    Darling Lainy

    I cannot express my mixed feelings of sadness at Teddy’s passing, relief that he’s no longer in pain & anger that the Hospice’s failings should have added to his pain & your distress. At the end you were together & in each other’s arms & that is a wonderful image.

    You & Teddy are my Miracle Couple – I thank God I found this site & met you both & your wonderful family & shared this part of your journey with you.

    I love you both & will always keep you in my heart, where Teddy will continue to laugh & joke & flirt with his gorgeous wife. This “short man” who “stands so tall” is a GIANT amongst men & will continue to guide & inspire us in our ongoing battle with his disease.

    May God bless you, Teddy, & you, too, lovely Lainy, Robin & Family.

    Julia xx


    I am so glad for Teddy. I just knew in my spirit this evening. Something I sensed. I am so glad that you had such wonderful years with T and those memories will carry you into the future. You have been an example to all of us and a strength and support. Glad you have Robin and the rest of the family to support you during this time. My heart aches for your loss but celebrates the life you were privileged to share. Prayers and blessings. Love, Susan


    Can’t begin to tell you the impact your story has. My thoughts are truly with you. What a life and love Teddy had. He’s free and peaceful now.
    So glad Robin is with you; take care.
    Love Kate


    Teddy passed at 945PM today, December 6th. He was in Hospice 3 days. Today was a terrible day of pain and anxiety and then about 4PM the “rattle” started. He was fidgety up to the end, what a scraper. He asked for my 2 grandsons 14 and 16 and they came over as my daughter was with me the whole day. 15 minutes after they arrived the rattle stopped and I look at Robin and I put my arms around T as he drew his last breath and it was so peaceful, I cannot begin to tell you. No more pain, no more fighting a monster, just a peaceful and still
    cute Teddy. I want to thank all of you for to helping make our journey full of love and support. This was an experience at the end that Robin and I will never forget and one we are so privledged to have been a part of. My precious moments are over but the Memories will last for ever. I love my CC family could not be without you!

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