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    This was so very touching. I am sure it was Teddy’s way of showing and reminding you that you were his shining light.



    Yes, Lisa. Even if he doesn’t get a low score, they have to be the most beautiful golf courses ever.


    When I think of Teddy, I see him playing golf in Heaven, and he is happy and healthy.


    Dear Lainy,

    I haven



    I’d say so sorry about your loss, but now look what you’ve found!

    I saw my father smiling at me from a mirror in a gym I used to work out at, within a few weeks after he crossed over. Given the close proximity of an attractive young woman and the question of who, for certain, he was really smiling at, I didn’t tell Mom right away. But he let me know that he was still around across the line and as real and happy as he always was. There is so much we don’t know about what lies beyond, but the wink from your Teddy and the smile from my Pop lets me know that our loved ones are indeed there and still here at least at times. God bless you and Teddy and your good fighting spirit! (Pun intended, now you really do have a good fighting spirit right there with you)



    My heart goes out to you and your family.

    The day after dad passed the lights started acting up in moms house. It was strange at first but dad still continues to play with the lights. There is one side lamp in their family room that will go on randomly if all of us are in the house. I truly believe it is real as does our priest.

    lots of hugs….


    Lainy, What other proof do we need? Our lives will be touched by those we love, both life and death. It really is a miracle. You have been blessed.


    I belief, help my unbelief. =)

    When you believe, but some part of you still wants a sign… and Teddy gave it to you.

    And you gave it to those of us that believe and still look for signs.

    Thank you.


    What a wonderful thought that Teddy was there with you knowing that you needed him to bring you peace. You were so fortunate to have that special relationship with him and I hope that all your wonderful memories will bring you joy when some of the pain begins to diminish.


    Dear Lainy,

    I had tears in my eyes and shivers down my spine when I read your post. Just when you’re thinking it’s hard loosing someone you love, they have a way of reminding us that they are not lost at all. They’re in a good place and can come to check in on us as they please. And I’m convinced that was what Teddy was doing. Welcome all these little sign from the great beyond (even if you start thinking you’re imagining them – who cares, if it makes you feel better).

    Glad to hear he came by to make you smile.



    Isn’t it such a relief and comfort when those things happen? All of a sudden you realize your loved one is really with you and close by. I’ve had a few amazing things happen that are far more than “coincidence”. I always chuckle and think..OK, Gary, I get it and thank you for being with me.


    Lainy: I’m certain you are one of the most sane people I’ve ever “met”! My mom used to come visit our house after she passed away. The spare room TV would come on when no one was in the room, and it was ONLY when I was talking to someone about Mom! For instance, my daughter Stacy was doing a school paper and had to interview an ‘elderly’ patient and we decided that I would be my mom and answer as I knew my mom would answer. It was a paper on how Christmas was celebrated! As I was answering her questions, that darn TV came on in the spare bedroom! (I was alone in the house) I heard the noise and went to investigate, turned the TV off and went back into the living room. Then the hall light came on! I turned that off and 5 min. later both the TV and the hall light came back on. Weird huh? And amazingly enough, that sequence ONLY happened when I talked about my mom! We no longer have that house but I suspect that it was either my mom or some kind of faulty wiring! I prefer to believe it was mom!

    HUGS to you!!!!



    Dear Lainy,

    I am so sorry that since I got back from Florida just before Thanksgiving I have only glanced on the board and only found out about Teddy this evening…

    Just to let you know that I too believe Teddy is letting you know he is still with you….

    Thinking of you lots,

    {{{Hugs}}} Katie



    How comforting to know that Teddy is reaching out to you. I too am a believer and have had several of these experiences as have my sons. The blinking lights, TV’s acting up etc. I have found most of them involve something electrical in nature. The rapidly blinking light next to my bed happened the first night after Jim passed.

    I too viewed the videos. More great memories. I’m glad that your experiences helped you to sleep soundly. I’m sure there will be more. I truely believe that our loved ones are never far from us, watching over us.

    Love & Hugs,

    PS: I’m not crazy either, atleast I don’t think I am. :)


    Lainy, how comforting! I had to laugh at how you started out your post: “I am not crazy…” My sister always told me stories like this, from her experience as a home hospice nurse, and I used to be so doubtful. But I’ve become a firm believer in the last few months.

    Perhaps Teddy and my Mom, Bonnie, got together last night and decided to let their loved ones know they’re watching over us?

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