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    I told Mom and Dad about your experience and Dad said “don’t you worry I’ll be in touch as soon as I get there” .

    Mom said when her Dad passed she kept smelling his aftershave and also her bedroom light would dim when she was reading in bed. When my Uncle died a few months later my Aunties mobile rang and it came up with his mobile number. My Uncles mobile had been switched off before he died.

    You posted a poem once called “letter from Heaven”. I love this and have decided I would like it read out at Dads funeral. Hopefully we have many months left together yet but I truly think it’s a wonderful poem.


    My mom passed two years ago. Her spirit stayed with us for two days. I could just feel her everywhere. She was making sure we were okay. It was so strong, you just knew without a shadow of a doubt that is what is happening. So I believe you and you are not crazy at all. I viewed the singing videos and had big tears. Teddy could sing!


    That is wonderful Lainy. I think I will follow Hans around the house leaving the kitty litter scoop places so he will remember to take care of the little ones.



    Lainy: I got the goose bumps reading what happened to you last night. I believe too and like you, if that happened to me I’d sleep like a baby.



    Andie – Please tell last night’s story to DAD. The best books I found on after life are Sylvia Browne’s first 2 books. I had no fear what so ever after reading those 2 books. Interesting reading.

    Bob – Congratulation on your new Grandchild! Nothing greater than that!

    I can’t stop thanking this whole Board enough. Robin is trying to post a couple of singing videos of Teddy. Very cute! That is the real Teddy. My 4 grand children changed all their Face Book photos to ones of them with their Papa. It was very touching. There really is so much kindness and goodness all around.


    Good Morning Lainy, How wonderful and it helped you to sleep so peacefully. Thanks for sharing with us. Prayers your way.


    Dear Lainy,
    We learned from Marion last night of Teddy’s passing. Our hearts go out to you for your loss. But thanks be to God that this is not the end of Teddy’s story as he is welcomed into Paradise and the presence of the living God.

    Donna and I left Phoenix yesterday to return to Seattle for the birth of a new grandaughter. She is due around the 16th / 17th of Dec. – the cycle of life continues.

    May God continue to heal your heart and bless you.

    Hugs and Love,



    I am so glad he is looking after you. It must be so comforting to know his spirit is looking in on you already.



    Dearest Lainy,

    Teddy will always be with you but last night was definately his way of saying he’d arrived at the next part of his journey ok. As we have mentioned before he will sitting in his Italian Restaurant will new friends and old, but with always an eye on you and your family.

    Since Dad was diagnosed I have been reading books about the afterlife and I have found much comfort in them.

    When my Grandad died my Nans TV kept switching on and off, he’d always liked his own way with the TV and we laugh and say this was his way of saying I’m still in control of the TV, I’m still with you.

    Sending you lots of love and a big hug

    Andrea x


    I am a believer! My dad has visited at my mom’s house many times. I am not crazy and I am sensitive to others worrying about spiritis, but all I can say is more than one person has had the experience and I, for one, am not limiting God’s ability to allow our loved ones to bring us comfort and peace. I am so glad that Teddy winked at you and you have already experienced him watching over you. Love you, Susan


    Good Morning. Let me start this by saying I am not crazy and you know I am a believer in the beyond.Keep in mind that Teddy was always winking at me as you read this.
    As God is my witness he already visited me last night, here is what happened about 1130PM.
    1. I was going in to our bedroom closet, the light I had just replaced went out. I climbed on a chair and touched it and it went back on.
    2. Next few minutes I went in to the kitchen and a light I replaced in the ceiling about 3 weeks ago went out. I shut the switch on and off to see if I could make it connect and……………..the light next to it actually blinked rapidly very brightly at me……..I believe that Teddy was trying to wink at me to let me know he was OK and he had to try it 3 times to get the wink perfected. This was all in a matter of minutes. I cried happy tears then went to sleep just as sound as a baby! Believe it or not.
    P.S. When he had his first surgery and was still in ICU, sedated and
    with a huge tube in his throat, he opened one eye and winked at me,
    He had wanted me to know he was ok.

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