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    Lainy: I’m sure that Teddy enjoyed getting a shower by that darling young girl!!

    Tom’s ex father in law had Alzheimer’s and when home health care came in to do his daily care’s (including a shower) he reported to Tom “Guess what, I had a cute little gal come today and she helped me shower, and you know what? They wash EVERYTHING, it was great!”

    You tell Teddy that I’m praying to St. Anthony for him, cause I want St. Anthony to protect him too!

    Go with God Teddy!



    Me, me, me first! This one is about ME! Had my Colonoscopy today (still kind of out of it) a follow up from my own Cancer Surgery a year ago and ALL was well. Nothing new!!!! I don’t have to go again for 4 years! YEA! :):)

    Teddy had his first shower today given by an aide and for those of you who asked she was a darling young girl. He is still doing status quo and we have slept through 2 nights now.

    Another Teddism: He dreamed about someone from his past for the first time the other night….it was his High School Football Coach. Then I asked Teddy who his favorite is and he said St. Anthony the Saint of healing. Then he says, “I used to pray to St. Anthony before each football game but I never asked him to help me win, I only asked him to protect me”. Gotta just love this little guy!

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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