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Teddy Update

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    Oh Lainy, your strength is infectious. I love how tenderly you talk about your Teddy. I almost missed your update since I try to stay out of this section since it is a little to close to home for me. I am glad I took a peak in and will definately be checking back to keep tabs on the Miracle Man.

    I am glad his nightmares are down. Talking in his sleep…could be intrigueing. Any good gossip? Does it interfer with your sleep? Hans clacks his teeth during the night and that wakes me up.

    In your effort to take care of your sweetheart, dont forget to take care of yourself. Remember, you are a very loved person here.



    Haldol was a big help for my Mom too. HUGS for you Lainy. I know although this is such a tough ordeal, you would not trade this time for anything. Write down the stuff he’s saying… My sister and I were Mom’s main caregivers when she was on home hospice. We kept a notebook where we tracked everything (meds, meals, poops, etc.) so we’d know what happened while the other was gone. I started writing down the stuff Mom was saying in her sleep or in her half-conscious state. Things like “I’m almost ready”, “Daddy”, etc. It’s a comfort to read them now. We talked to her a lot too – hospice was a big believer that people getting closer to death can still hear you. My Mother was very afraid of death, so we were often saying things to her like it’s OK to let go, we’re here for each other, you raised us right and we’ll take care of each other, Dad will be OK, etc.



    Your posts continue to show an immense amount of grace and strength. While no one wants to think about their own mortality there comes a time when we all ask ourselves “what might I do?” or “how might I find strength?” Though likely very challenging at times for you, your posts contain some very valuable life lessons in them.



    Hi Lainy and Teddy,

    So glad you both had a settled night, giving you strength Lainy for the day time.

    Thinking of you both,

    Hugs, Katie


    Thank you for the updates,dearest lainy i am walking this with you. Am thinking of you, lots of love


    Great News! :) Peaceful nights are good.


    Hey, guys. We had a peacerful night, the Haldol kicked in! Yea!!!!!!



    I know exactly the face you are describing. When my children were babies and Mom and I would be holding them, they would make that face. She would tell me that’s when they are “seeing angels”….the ones here on earth that love them most and the ones in heaven.

    I’m sending lots of love, prayers for strength and acceptance and of course tons of hugs!



    on lainy…. teddy…. my tears are flowing… booth and i send our love… i …for some reason… have been having a difficult time trying to read the board messages. there are so many newbies and so many messages. i can’t catch up :-( the board is amazing and gives help and hope to so many.

    i just wanted you and teddy to know that we wish you the best as you experience these emotional days, nights of teddy’s last chapter.

    take care beautiful lady and please tell teddy we send our love.

    barb and booth


    Hello there Tanoland. Good to see you. Did I ever tell you I was born and raised in KCMO? I had friends at Shawnee Mission High.


    My sister made the same faces in her sleep … I loved it.


    Thanks for the update Lainy. As always, it makes me smile, too. I am sure that although you are keeping your sense of humor, you too are smiling through your tears. Yes, you are a strong, amazing lady. I too am hoping that the nurse is either male or ugly! :)

    Thinking about you both all the time.

    With Love & Hugs,


    I love your updates Lainy… they always make me smile through the tears brimming in my eyes. You are such an amazing lady, and Teddy is so very lucky. I love that he isn’t afraid, and finding peace with what is to come, and I can imagine the wonderful baby face he makes in his sleep… my brand new baby nephew makes it all the time (although, unlike Teddy, I’m pretty sure Brandon’s is a relief smile after every fart – HA)!!

    I hope she’s homely too – or even better, I hope it’s a man! :)

    Thinking of you both, always!



    Hospice came today and Teddy’s vitals are still very good. He started his Haledon (sp) last night and did not have nightmares although he talked almost without stopping all night. He has been sleeping more, if that is possible and staying in bed now most of the day. He asked me to cancel a visit this afternoon from some friends as he will be talking and just drifts off. He is more confused and eating practically nothing, so it really is surprising that his vitals are so good. Hospice ordered an Aide who will come 2 times a week now to help him shower. She starts Monday. I hope she is homely! :):)
    Do you remember when you’ve seen babies smile while sleeping and they look so endearing? They purse their lips then seem to bubble and then break in to a smile? He does that in his sleep and I LOVE it. Of course he tells me he is dreaming about me. Last night he really did as he woke up and asked me what time we got home from the BIG party we were at.
    While the nightmares are better he is still dreaming a lot and told me of one he had early this morning for the 2nd time this week. He was in the biggest hospital he had ever seen. Lots of rooms and sections. He said, “they are getting me ready”. “You know getting me ready”. I asked him if it scared him and he said no not at all. The only person he has seen who is gone is his Football Coach from High School. Leave it to Teddy to try for another touchdown!

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