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Teddy’s Celebration of Life Friday

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    Lainy – It does sound wonderful. Our thoughts will all be with you during the service.

    Isisman – I have the same situation with my son’s ashes. He wanted them scattered in the Atlantic Ocean (where we all spent a lot of time) but I haven’t been able to do it yet and, the longer I wait, the less I want to. But when the time is right, I will do as he wished.


    Well done on all the arrangements, Lainy – it sounds as though it’s going to be so very special …

    I’m sure Teddy is incredibly proud of you!!

    Helen xx


    It sounds beautiful Lainy. And think of all of us who would like to come, but cant. You both made a difference in all of our lives.



    My husband wanted his ashes sprinkled around the back yard, his favorite place and it is cold/winter and he is still “in my bedroom” I kind of find it hard to part with im now, no fancy urn , as I was not supposed to keep him. I think me and the girls will hold on to him till the Spring. Sounds eerie but I just know he is there in my room in some form and it is comforting. Well, maybe there will be a warm weekend yet to come. The kids forgot about him in my room. Lainy, I’m glad everything is going so well for you. I didn’t think about the cologn thing as I need to let go and not live in so much pain, but my 10 year old seems to have snuck in and sleeps with me here and there and hate to say it but I love the company but I gotta get her back in her room, as I don’t believe in kids taking over the parents room. Have a great service!



    The Rabbi and Priest together – how it should be.

    I’m glad you have Teddy home with you, and that you are blessed with good friends.



    Kimmie, just get a bottle of her perfume and lightly give a spray now and then.


    Lainy, it sounds like everything is ready for Friday! I think funeral Masses are beautiful. I’m glad to hear about your wonderful friends looking out for you.

    The cologne on the pillow has me in tears! My Mom’s room (actually my old bedroom where she kept all her clothes) still smells like her perfume, and I keep begging my Dad to keep the door closed so the smell stays in.


    Well kids, 2 days to go. I think Teddy would be very proud of me as I did it his way! I am having a FUll Mass at 100PM, followed by a reception in the Church’s Hall. This church has 3,000 members and for the first time ever the Procession will be the Priest and Rabbi. They will share the alter. We will have the Jewish Choir and the Church Choir. Too many people want to speak so we will do that at the reception. I am so happy about it all…..I am feeling though like I don’t want to go. Of course I will, I just don’t want to. The Urn was brought to me 2 days ago and honestly, it gave me some peace having him home again. Tell you what else I did. To sleep at night? I sprayed some of his cologne on his pillow so I will have his scent in the room and I slept better.
    I am still doing ok, I think my big break up will be when the Grandchildren who are away at College come in. OMG, they are so devastated. Papa was their only male figure while growing up. I put everything but his clothes in the garage so that his kids, my kids and whomever can pick out what they would like to have beyond what he already gave them. The rest will go to a Mission downtown where they need men’s clothes. I told a friend if he ever sees a “begger” on the corner in a suit, that is Teddy’s. His sister had a life size photo made of him for the Church and that will be hung in my living room. It is so life like that it is like he is right in front of me. He has not been back with the light situations but 3 of my closest frineds had light bulb problems in the last few days. My 7 closest friends took me to brunch Sunday, my first time doing something social, and it was so sweet. They gave me certificates to use like, Nails, Massages, Facials and a gal to work my kitchen Saturday night when 14 of us will have dinner here. Another friend took me to lunch Saturday and Sunday a couple had me over for dinner. I push to go, but once out I find they don’t mind if I talk about Teddy and that is good for me. It’s alll so bittersweet! I wanted to share this last weekend and above all, Friday. Thanks

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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