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    Thank you Barry, that is why I am here. It is actually eleven plus now. How amazing to have a run of luck like this, huh? I am blessed with eleven years of life with no restrictions after diagnosis, If caught in time with an experienced surgeon and all the planets align it can work out better than expected. I wish you the best, Pat


    Congrats Pat on ten years!

    How could this post make it to the bottom of page one?? : )

    When there is so much negative statistical info reported on cc, it is GREAT to hear about your success!


    Oh Matt, yes, what a wonderful anniversary to be blessed with. Actually I am four days shy of ten and a half years if we are counting. I am hoping for others to come along. I read too much about things NOT going well, and it is hard to be the lucky guy sometimes, survivor guilt or whatever, it is a sweet sorrow to share it but yes, I have beaten it til now. Nothing but blood draws and scans. I am happy to say at ten and a half years past surgery I was able to celebrate my sixtieth birthday in April ! How about that? No midlife crisis here, more please….. keep them coming…Ha! Pat


    So fabulous! Congratulations! You give me (us) hope that one day, we too may be able to make such a declaration…! :)


    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! How awesome that is. I hope you celebrated this milestone with something special. Thanks so much for the HOPE this brings to so many! Here’s to the next 10 …may they be full of life and happiness…..all my best.



    Congratulations on your milestone anniversary! You are an inspiration to many of us


    Pat…..thank you for your post on the anniversary of your liver resection. First, it gives hope for others here. Second, it is a beautiful reflection on life in general, with or without CC. I loved the analogy of being like an actor in a play and not knowing how the play ends. That really is the story of every life.



    Hercules…..congratulations on your 10 year survival of this cancer. The beautifully crafted posting with the meaningful reflection of this life changing event will resonate with us for years to come. I share your joy and thank you for sharing your innermost feelings with us.


    It was ten years ago today I had my liver resection surgery , it doesn’t seem so long ago yet it is. I have lost both my Golden retrievers to time, both taken by canine cancer. I have lived so much since that day, felt much happiness , been witness to some sad and difficult things, My blessings are many, and on that winter day, when I was wheeled to the hall outside the operating room, they park you in the hall, in a quiet spot nearby, this must be prayer time or something, I never dreamed how my life would change that day, and You suddenly become an actor in a play that seems to be written as it goes along, so even the actors don’t know how it ends. It is hard to condense it into a post. Part of living life is thinking about and being touched by death. Even when all is well, life begins and ends all around us, it is part of the balance of all things. I am still a student of it all, and I thank god every day for that. God bless you all, Pat

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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