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    The bright side of cancer has that Monty Python ring to it


    I laughed out loud at the eating cake comment! Its good to be able to laugh about this stuff with you. I know my jokes fall flat with my family and friends. This always makes me laugh….I tell my husband not to worry about my credit card debt – ha can pay it off with my life insurance policy when I die. Even sounds sick writing it, but I still laugh.



    You absolutely have IT. You have the best attitude and the best sense of humor I have ever seen in anyone…especially someone with cancer.

    I can’t say I have had any pampering yet, but I will say the best is really finding friends on this site, or more an extended family. It not only helps me deal with the cancer, but also helps me be a better person.

    Here’s one….I have really become a better person since being diagnosed. I find I’m more charitable to others knowing that I may be in their position one day….I’m more tolerable of things that used to get under my skin, and more loving to my family for their support. I have learned to not procrastinate (as much at least) and try to live fuller with little regrets.

    (and Kris, I do thank you every day for your determination and will expressed here. It gives me strength for the future too).

    All my best to everyone!

    Linda Z.


    OMG I had to jump in, you knew I would. Kris you crack me up! OK Teddy would say he is not computerized so I will relate his Dark Sense of humor.

    1. He was talking to his sister when we found out nothing more could be done and she said, “Oh TT (that’s what she calls him) I just love you so much I would take a bullet for you”. He answers, “Maria, I love you too and I would take a bullet for you. What the hell do I care anymore!”.

    2. He wants to get a new fancy cell phone then said, “I guess the only thing I will really need is long distance!”

    Do you think Groucho Marx is listening?

    What I like about CC is my other family, all of you!


    Oh, but I will allow myself this one comment: My husband had this incredible sense of humor also. I remember after his diagnoses when meeting friends, he requested for no one to please order “liver” for dinner.
    He brought a smile to everyone’s face.


    Hi Kris,

    Like Marion and not being a patient, I would not make fun of cancer either. But I’ve gotta say, had my dad read your post then he would have been howling with laughter at it!! And I too love your sense of humour and my dad also had a weird sense of humour and would no doubt have been able to add some of his own brighter moments to your thread. Somehow I can’t imagine you offending anyone here at all.

    Best wishes,



    Uhhhh… this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever been told by a doctor to eat MORE to keep my weight UP!


    Kris…..I am not a patient and therefore am not able to make fun of this cancer without running the risk of being offensive to anyone. Your humor is infectious and continues to bring joy to each and everyone. Sure wish I were a bit more like you.


    Ok, I just had a worry that I might have offfended someone. Sorry if I did. I tend to have a weird sense of humor these days. My bestfriend and I always joke about my cancer. Stuff like when I was on a tough chemo and we are debating to get a piece of cake, we said..Why not? Its not like I wont throw it up later. We have really shocked her husband a time or two, but we both find dark humor makes us feel better.



    Since I started a pet peeves, I thought I should start a list of the bright side of cancer. Let me start….

    1) Because of risk of infection, I dont ever have to clean out the litter box again.

    2) I get backrubs on demand

    3) Certain chemo regimes give me a break from shaving my legs

    4) I have lost most of the weight I put on during my PhD, which means I no longer have the “potato nose” that was photographed and immortalised in my passport

    5) Either the radiation or chemo has made me completely lose my center of gravity and I get a little dizzy so I dont drive at the moment. Instead, I get chauffeured around…its like being famous without the paparazzi.

    6) I have all the time in the world to paint my fingernails weird and wacky colors. Today they are purple. Tomorrow…perhaps green.

    Now, go ahead and add your own. I dare you to find a bright spot! :)


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