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    Please know that you, Petra and your children are in my thoughts now as you support each other at this difficult time in your lives.

    Look after each other.



    Dear Adam


    Dear Adam,

    I am sorry to hear this news. I will keep you, Petra and the rest of your family in my thoughts. This is such a tough time for you all and we are all here for you.

    Thinking of you,



    Dear Adam,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Petra and your family. Only those of us who have been where you are now can truely understand and share the depth of what you are feeling and going through.

    Lots of love & hugs for all of you,



    Dearest Adam, I am so very sorry for Petra, you and your family. But, I am glad that you had the 17 years you did just like Teddy and I had our 17 years.
    When Ifeel low I just remind myself that we had what most people never have in a whole lifetime and it does get me through. Adam, as we were near the end of our journey, I had a strong feeling to write a poem, about being together again:

    Time is growing closer, I can see it in his eyes,
    Time is growing closer, but we



    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Petra and your children. Words alone cannot express….



    Dear Friends,

    God bless all of you who take time to post on this forum and give you strength to see through your situation.

    Petra was moved to a hospice on Friday. I went with her in the ambulance and the journey took us past the church were we got married, the university where Petra taught and I studied, and our favourite restaurant. We are very lucky to have had such a wonderful marriage for seventeen years.

    Tomorrow her mother flies in from Prague. Today my best man and my sister are coming. I need to talk to the children and reassure them. My head hurts. Every little task seems to be a monumental effort. I know I will get through.

    Mustang, the whole ranch in Utah thing sounds idyllic from here in the industrial heart of northern England on a rainy day. The notion of such has cheered me up.

    Peggy, God bless you. Thank you for your lovely post. Keep fighting the fight. We did and I think it made it better. I wish you as many good days as possible.


    Dear Adam,

    I can feel your pain in your posts. Petra is very lucky having such a supportive husband and father of her children. I pray that she will get better soon and the doctors will find a treatment that will help her. My husband is Stage IV and he continues to fight the fight. He will have scans done on Monday as his last scans were not good and the oncologist said we were running out of options. Just know that there are others out here that know what you are going through and we are keeping your family in our prayers. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day, PeggyP


    Adam, you really need to find a punching bag at a gym you can paint a big “CC” on. Really. I can feel all the pent up anger. Another way is to find something physical to do. I have been out digging post holes, repairing fences, even a run or long walk. If you were here, we would go for a nice long horseback ride. It really does help.

    Again, my prayers have included you and your lovely wife Petra and children.
    Our families are our prized possessions.

    God bless you, Adam.


    Adam – I am so sorry for what your family is facing right now. As far as the fluids go, I know that when Dad was in hospital, they had it on a VERY slow drip and they watched closely to ensure the fluid wasn’t going anywhere it shouldn’t have been (he was so small then, and there weren’t too many places for it to go so they were they were concerned about his lungs. I’m sure the doctors are watching closely.
    I hope the antibiotics take care of the pnemonia, and your wife starts to feel better soon. Sending positive thoughts, and praying for your wife, you and your beautiful children.



    Thanks everybody.

    I went to see Petra today and she is looking worse. In the bed opposite was a young woman who is also very sick. Petra said to me, pointing at her, ‘you remember Yvette?’

    She teaches French at a school where I used to work. She is in her early thirties and is stage IV. She used to be so pretty and full of life and such a good teacher. Now she is gaunt and terrified.

    Petra’s situation is crushing me but I can’t let in make me angry because I would go mad and I have children to care for. I am angry about Yvette because I can be.

    I can’t express how much I hate this f**king awful disease.


    Adam….I am sorry to hear of your wife’s current problems and yes, unfortunately we are way too familiar with the vicious cycle of this disease. Fingers crossed for the pneumonia to respond to the antibiotics. A tidal wave of good wishes is heading your way. Please, stay in touch.
    All my best,


    Dear Adam, I am so sorry to hear that Petra has Pneumonia. When you refer to the vicious circle it reminds me of the saying, “stop the world, I want to get off”
    but unfortunately or fortunately we can’t. Please give her some extra hugs and tell her we are cheering for her from all over the world and of course please keep us posted.



    Bless your heart. I just want you to know that we are all thinking of you and your wife and children. I applaud how strong you are being. My wife is doing the same. I pray that the doctors will find the solution to her “vicious circle”. This forum is so great……I just want to fly around the world and give out big hugs and lend a shoulder for whatever is required: (crying on, punching, holding up, etc.)

    As I am brand new to this disease so I don’t have the expertise yet to offer answers to your questions, but I’m sure there are others who will chime in with something.

    Keep the faith, Brother.


    My wife, Petra has been in hospital since Monday. They inserted another ascitic drain but her blood pressure is very low so she is having intravenous fluid. How much of this then goes into her abdomen and is thereby drained is anybody’s guess. The doctor we spoke to on Monday said that her liver was pressing on her portal vein and preventing the processing of fluid in the correct manner. To add to things she has pneumonia.

    Does anybody have any experience of this viscous circle? They are talking about a different kind of drain but if her blood pressure is low I don’t see how this would help.

    Also, all the people who take time to post on this forum are wonderful. Just so that you know. :-)

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