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    If keeping the house is stressful then maybe it makes sense to sell it now. You say it is not such a dream anymore so I think you already see that the stress of keeping it may not be worth it. This stress can begin to affect your health and you need to be healthy to care for your husband and children. I know this is probably a hard dream to give up but if it was me I would probably sell.



    Hi Mellanie, well as the saying goes no one ever says at the end of thier life “I should have worked more”. I think the saying holds very true for caretakers. It wasnt my spouse with CC, but it was my dad. There is no where I would have rather been then with him, helping my mom take care of him through his illness. I have my own business, and probably lost more then half of my business while taking care of my dad, but to this day I have no regrets, and wouldnt do anything differently.
    Im so sorry that your life has changed drastically and your “dream” house is no longer going to be easy to manage. That breaks my heart for you and your family. I agree, I hope what ever decision you make brings some sort of peace and lightens any burden for you that is possible.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers



    I am so sorry that this has impacted your family like it has. My dad had already retired when he got sick, so we are very lucky that it was not a financial impact, but it is hard no matter what. I hope you can find a way to make everything work for your family and bring peace.



    Melanie – I didn’t have to go through this, as it was my son who had CC. However, I think having a big home is far less important than keeping yourself healthy by not having to work so much, especially with two children to boot. I don’t think it would be a hasty decision….I think it would be a wise choice. We have all learned — “things” don’t matter. Having time to spend with your family is the most important thing in the world! Big hugs – Nancy


    Has anyone here realized a few months into a cancer diagnosis, and a spouse no longer able to work, that downsizing was necessary to survive financially?

    We moved into our dream home last February. Now with my husband unable to work, it’s not such a dream anymore. I’m considering putting it up for sale as we do have equity and could buy something much less expensive – possibly reduce our mortgage payment by half. BUT, I’m fearful of doing something hasty. Refinancing is a wash because our rate is already low. And I do NOT want to take out a 2nd mortgage and create yet another monthly payment that has to be made.

    Technically, we can swing it for awhile, but it requires me to take on boatloads of work while trying to care for DH and 2 children. Three months into it, honestly, I’m exhausted. Having to work less would feel like heaven right about now.

    If you care to share what route you took in a similar situation, please do. I would greatly appreciate it.


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