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    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the site, although I am sorry that you have to be here. I just wanted to join the others in welcoming you here, it really is an excellent site with a load of friendly people. I hope you will stay and ask load of questions as you will get a ton of support. My dad was diagnosed last year and this place has and the people have been a great help to me.

    That sounds like a plan you have there in fighting this and I wish you the very best of luck with it.

    Best wishes



    Tom…I also would like to welcome you to our site. The proposed treatment protocol of – chemo – chemoembolization – resection – has been discussed on this board frequently. There have also been some great results which I am hoping you will also have. In fact, if you would like to read up on some of these previous discussions the “Search Forum” (top bar of page) will lead you there. The same goes for Gemzar – Cisplatin. Also, I am hoping for others to share some of their experience with you.
    Although, no one really wants to be on a cancer site but, once Cholangiocarcioma enters our life I believe, this is the best place to be for information, support, and yes, we have a few laughs too.
    Best wishes coming your way,


    Welcome Tom, to the best little club in the world that no one cares to join. It sounds like you are on a good road and have a great grasp on things. Sorry you had to find us but so glad you did. Please feel free to visit often and ask away, vent or advise. And please keep us posted you are now officially part of the family!


    Hello Tom,

    Welcome to the board, where as you have already found you will find kind, warm people offering a wealth of experience and support.

    Sadly, I didn’t find this board until my Dad passed away but since then I have ‘met’ some of the nicest people, all either going through their journey with CC or supporting a family member or close friend.

    Whereabouts are you? People on the board come from all over the world so whatever time of day there is usually someone on in some continent or other!

    Wishing you well as you begin your treatment,



    This is my first post and will serve as an introduction. I’m a 67 year old MWM. Name is Tom.

    After an X-Ray, (2) CT-Scan, liver biopsy and a EUS, I found out that I have CC . The current plan is to start on Gemzar + Cisplatin this followng Tuesday for about 4-6 cycles. After that they are thinking about putting a high dose of chemo or radiation directly into the tumor. Then after that cutting off blood to the right side of the liver that has the tumor. Next will be removing the right side of liver that has the tumor along wih gall bladder. They said the left side of liver will regenerate a full liver

    This discussion board has been very helpful in me understanding basically what I am getting into.

Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 65 total)
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