The long awaited results of the adjuvant BILCAP study

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    Just noticed that you posted this Marion, thanks! I posted something from CRUK today as well under the chemo board. Great news this is and long awaited too!




    You are welcome, Mary. Seems this study took 10 years and as Prof. Primrose mentioned, a bit too long. I may see him at ASCO and ask how long it will take to identify the specific subgroup results.
    The next study we are awaiting results from is the Attica-1 study. But at this point they are still in the recruiting stage.

    The last time I spoke with the PI leading this study he mentioned a possible addition of an immune checkpoint inhibitor, but I don’t see any changes made to the original protocol. Hoping to find out more while at ASCO.



    Marion, thank you for posting. This is amazing news. I guess the docs can no longer say there is “no benefit” to adjuvant treatment after resection. Regards, Mary


    This study included gall bladder cancer. Capecitabine is Xeloda.

    “In the subgroup of 430 patients who received treatment per study protocol, capecitabine was associated with a 25% lower chance of death than observation, and this difference was statistically significant”, said Dr. Primrose, the lead study author.

    Important for us to know: which group benefitted most. This data has not yet been evaluated, but the authors are in the process of doing so.


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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