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    Great news!! And I hope you get some promising ideas from MSK.


    YAY for shrinkage and “AMEN” on the highs and lows of this disease!

    We are mtg with the Dr today to get results of my husbands 2nd PET scan.
    (he just finished his 2nd FULL round *8 weeks* of chemo since diagnosis
    in March of this yr.)



    Great news! Thanks for sharing. Since my wife Lisa has a very similar diagnosis, we are extremely encouraged.

    Please keep us posted on your consultation with the team at MSK.

    Kind Regards,



    Great news Carl!! Many thanks for sharing that with us. Love hearing the S word! Good luck to your wife with her app at SK and I so hope that the good news continues to roll for you both!

    My best wishes to you and your wife,




    This is such good news! I have to say that I was curious as to what the “S” word was and now I know!!

    Best wishes to your wife and continued good results.



    Carl….you had me stumbling a bit with your title, but the news of the shrinkage deserves a big “S” and much more yet. Congratulations, not only does your wife feel better, her scans support her better state of health. Good luck with the upcoming appointment at Sloan and please keep the good news coming our way.


    Oh, Carl and “shrinking” wife. Sorry couldn’t help it. This is the best news today! Heck it’s the best news ever! I am so happy for you and am excited to hear about your visit on Friday, sounds like perfect timing. YIPPEE!


    We have shrinkage!!!

    Our local oncologist reviewed my wife’s first CT scan since chemo started. We’ve been through 3 cycles (Gem/Cis) so far, total of 6 chemo treatments. We felt that positive results were coming our way. Her abdomen had reduced in size by 6″ since chemo started mid-May. Her pain had reduced such that we reduced her pain meds by 33%. And she actually began to have an appetite.

    But the real validation would be the CT results. We learned there was significant shrinkage of the tumors and the size of the liver itself. In May, there were multiple masses throughout the liver, plus a large tumor in the center. The size of the large tumor was reduced and it seemed many of the smaller masses were gone or at least not visible on this scan. In addition, there was reduction in size of the lymph nodes. The reduction of the size of nodes was several mm’s.

    Our oncologist was pleased and added 3 more cycles (9 weeks) of the Gem/Cis regimen. We agreed since she is tolerating it well and clearly it is having an impact. But we are also still planning to meet with the oncology team at Memorial Sloan this Friday. We want to get their perspective of the results to date and also discuss possible trials/other options, which our local oncologist was not able to do.

    This was the first piece of positive feedback since we received the difficult news in mid-April. For those of you who have been through this, I now understand more clearly the amazing “highs” that come with the terrible “lows” as we learn to deal with this new life.

    Thanks to all of you who have helped me, and therefore helped my wife, get through this very challenging first hurdle.


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