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    Good Morning Kris….. I truley understand what you are saying. Just a little secret for you. When your scans are done they are read by the radilologist within the hour if not minutes. The hospital I go to has evreything computorized so the report is typed in to the system initially and then the scans are reviewed again by usually by the same doctor and signed off as verified. If where you go is computorized record keeping and like in the same facility your doctor or nurse has access and can print you a copy, although legally I’m suppose to go the Admin section (release of Information) to obtain copies of my medical records or indvidual reports. I do that as well depending on who I see first. Federal Law allows them up to 30 days days to get you a copy here in the states but there is nothing saying they can’t release it earlier, so I get mine within 2 days by physically going and asking for a copy. I also go to a Veterans Hospital now, so it may be a little easier for me to do than your system. I’m like you and pace the floors or go bonkers just waiting a couple of days. It is nerve racking. So give it a try Kris and put on the orphan Anny look and go ask for a copy. If need be call your doctor and tell him your anxiety is causing sleeplessness. I don’t know how it is where your at but it is your medical information and you should be able to sign a release of Information form and get it sooner. I have run in to some grouchy people when I have been referred some where else who will say “well by law we have thirty days” and I usually come unglued and make quite a scene a tell them in front of all, I have the cancer and I don’t really want to wait thirty days when all you have to do is take 2 minutes and make a copy. And then I asked them would you want to wait. I don’t know I hate being rude but sometimes the system just doesn’t care about your pyshcological torment. Now calm down and take some deep breaths I just wanted to let you know I understand completely.
    Bless Your Heart Kris , I know that feeling of anticipation and need to know. Wish you luck!
    Jeff G.


    My husband always gets MRIs. His doctor seems to think they are better. We are going to go back to the Univ of Pitts to get a cat scan the first of the year. They feel their cat scans are better and it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion even when things are going well. Best wishes. Mary


    Hi Kris,
    What kind of scan did you have? My husband Joe always has pet scans and they send a DVD copy with us when he leaves. THe paper results usually gets to the doctor in a few days. I notice some people are getting MRI’s instead of PEt scans. I heard a doctor say they are better when looking at the liver. I know these scan take a little longer to get results but Joe hasn’t had an MRI since he was diagnosed. INput please. Thanks Mary Anne



    I have been thinking about you all week. I’m so sorry you have to wait so long to get your results. I don’t understand why it does take so long for some doctors. As I have said before, my doctor will be able to at least look over the results within minutes after my scan. It will still need to go thru radiology, but she has seen enough of these scans to know if there is anything glaringly wrong. Please post the results ASAP when you recieve them.

    But try to relax. I hear everything you are saying, and understand so well. Never feel that you are whining. We all need someone to listen to us that truly understands how we are feeling. And I truly understand.

    I got your email. I will write you back tomorrow. Take care of yourself. I am thinking about you and crossing my fingers that all is clear and sunny!!!



    Here it is almost 4:00 in the morning and I havent yet been to bed. I had a scan on Monday and sleep has been evading me since. I woke up in the middle of Thursday night just crying. It doesnt make sense. I have been quite strong recently. There were days when CC wasnt a part of my thoughts-I had truly forgot. I was normal-if that makes sense. Then the scan happened and I remembered. And now I am so scared again. I feel terrible whining about it when others are in physical pain and not as healthy as I, but I just have to vent. I hate this system of scan and wait. I waited over a month last time to get my results! I will not wait that long this time, but I dont know when I will get them and this waiting is tearing me apart.


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