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    Thanks. A difficult evening made slightly less difficult by someone sharing.


    Thank You for this. I needed it too. I agree, the first year we are too numb and after that it slowly sinks in that yes this is real and no they are not coming back, atleast not physically. Somehow, we do manage to get though it all. Just breathe. :)

    Love & Hugs,


    CM, it is mostly all the firsts. Last Christmas I was still a little too numb to think that much about it but this year it’s a little tough. Just when I think I have a hold on it someone does something nice that gives me a little meltdown, like, my Sister is touring Israel for about the 6th time and posted the following on Facebook: “Went to the Church of the Seplucher yesterday in memory of my brother in law, Teddy”
    Well that did it for today.I am trying to keep busy cooking and baking for a Grandson’s week long visit in January. Only a few days to go and I will be OK again.
    Somehow we just get through it because like they say, ‘life is for the living’. Strength my dea, strength and I hope you get through OK. The new normal, you know. Love and hugs from over here!


    It’s been a tough week over this side of the world too. Someone told me not to expect the holidays to be kind to me.


    Very much needed today!


    Time is a wheel: the day that we met
    Is still there:
    Everything changes but nothing is lost:
    All that we shared,
    All that we ever loved, belongs to us still:
    Time is a wheel
    The sound of your laughter, the rain in your hair,
    Your hand in mine,
    Your knock at the door, your step on the stair –
    All are still there
    Because time is a wheel and death will come round
    As birth will come round
    As love will come round, as peace will come round,
    As joy will come round,
    As life will come round, because time is a wheel
    Bringing back even yet,
    All that we ever shared , and the day that we met.”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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