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    I’m sorry to read of your distress…your love for your dad comes through so clearly. I like to think of you helping with his computer. Something lovely about that statement…That you had a closeness with him, something in common to talk about. (My dad wouldn’t learn computers) May this time continue to show blessings among the sadness.


    Amilcar, I know that you are making this time with your dad a very special time and that when the time does come it will be filled with love and cherished memories



    Dear Amilcar,

    Prayers coming your way for your father, you and your family.



    Dear Amilcar – I read your message about your Dad going downhill so fast. I know exactly how you are feeling, for in May, our family went through the very same experience. My husband entered the hospital, looking fairly well on a Thurs., no symptoms other than fatigue and low blood pressure. Friday evening after he ate a light dinner, he experienced pain (greater than a 10, so he said) and he grew more serious as days went on. His urine turned very dark brown and he could not eat much. By Wednesday, he was still somewhat alert and then shortly after that, went into a coma and never spoke to us again — passed away Friday. Nurses at the hospital could not believe how fast he went downhill. A doctor friend of ours theorized that his liver hemorrhaged when he had the extreme pain. Injections of the drug, Diladid, took the pain away, giving him peaceful rest at that time. God Bless you during this transition in your family’s life. Many thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Jean


    Amilcar-holding you in my heart and hoping for a peaceful comfortable time for your Dad. I lost my Dad this summer and the pain is still fresh for me. Your love for your Dad has helped him transition in peace. Hugs to you and your family. Patrice


    Amilcar, I am so sorry to hear your Dad is loosing ground with this disease so quickly. Prayers of strength are coming your way. You have helped your Dad tremendously just being there for him. You are a true giver and that is what your Dad sees right now.
    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    I am sending my best thoughts to you and your family during this trying time. Everyone can tell how much you love your dad and how you have fought this battle couragously by his side. Your strength and love will get you through the next phase. We are here for you.



    Dear Amilcar,

    This is a very special time for you as it was for us and yes, it will test you immensely but, I am positive that you will do everything in your power to have the attending nurses eliminate any pain or discomfort your dear Dad is experiencing, at this time.
    I recall cherishing the moments of the present as my husband moved in to the next phase of his live and thus allowing me the comfort of knowing that everything possible had been done to beat this cancer, just as you have done.
    My heart is with you and your family


    In just a matter of days my dad has deteriorated to the point of no return. Only last Thursday he went to the hospital and while the diagnosis was grim he was still walking around, eating relatively well and quite lively. Since Saturday it has all been downhill and he is probably reaching the end of the rope a lot faster than anyone anticipated. Last week they spoke about 3 months and we’ll be lucky if he gets a week.

    This morning he vomited blood and has not eaten anything for over 2 days. Not only is this catching us unprepared but it is so strange that he never showed any of the traditional symptoms (jaundice, abdominal pain, ascites) outside of fatigue and weight loss.

    I truly find this disease has tested us. It has been wildly unpredictable, exhaustive and at this point I only hope dad will be comfortable in his last few days.

    He is currently at home and there are nurses caring for him. It is really unbelievable that only 4 days ago we were discussing how to upgrade his computer.

    I know I need to be strong and cool headed but it’s so hard. I only hope that his pain and suffering will relent soon.

    Best of luck to everyone!


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