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    I just finished reading a book called “Sit Down, God…I’m Angry”. It is written my R. F. Smith, Jr., a Baptist Minister, after the traffic death of his 17 yr. old son that was killed in a skiing acident. I would encourage anyone that has gone through the death of a loved one to read this book whether it was your spouse, parent or child.

    He reached a couple of conclusions in his book that got my attention. One was “why does grief produce such a confusion of time”. One day it seems as if your loved one has been gone such a short while and then again, it seems forever. Smith reasoned that we actually live three days for every one day when in grief. (1) We live each day the way things were, (2) we live each day the way things are and (3) we live each day the way things could have been. He also said that after the death of someone so close to you, nothing is ever the same again but while you feel your life has been broken beyond repair — it is never broken beyond some use. He finished his book by saying that in his journey, he had learned three realities: First, to love deeply is to hurt deeply. Second, to live again is to reinvest one’s love and third, deep hurt can become a solid foundation for life lived deeply.

    The cost of the book is about $13 through but well worth the money.
    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone.
    Betty Johnson


    Your are so right in saying that we now have more angels in heaven. Please do not forget those people that have passed away in 2006.


    To our extended cc family whose loved ones became Heaven’s angels this year –

    May God hold you close, give you strength, help you heal, and may laughter and joy come to you in 2007!


    We lost so many great people this year – Sam Johnson, Bea Garcia, Kelly Lester and so many others. Please remember all them always


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