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    Thanks for the response. This is Johns second bout with jaundice. Last July he was in the hospital for a week with bilirubin counts as high as12. Normal is 1 to1.5. At the time there was some talk of stents but the doctors decided to try more chemo to shrink the tumor blocking the bile duct and it worked at the time. We are hoping it will work again. Johns cancer has also had mets to his left lung, lymph nodes, and peritineal wall. Jeff, do you have ant shotrness of breath or congestion in your lungs? Also, John is having terrible pain in his back. He’s been taking oxycodine, two every four hours. I know what you mean about a rollercoaster. One doctors visit is great and the next is bad news. One day John feels great and the next couple of days he’s flat out feeling miserable. How long have you all been fighting this cancer? It’s very difficult to get the doctors to be up front with you. Sometimes I don’t think they know exactly what to expect.
    Thanks again for your answers. I’m so full of questions I don’t really know where to start but this is a begining. My thoughts and prayers are with you also. Happy New Year to all!


    Hi Alice…. Sorry to hear about John’s condition. I have tried many chemo regimens but never sorafenib. This is a good site for information and support. I’ve been reading and responding for quite some time now. Has any one talked to you about John having a stent put in to relieve the blockage and juandice. There are quite a few members of this site with stents that are doing okay and some have problems with them blocking and have to have them cleaned out or changed. Over the past few years I’ve been riding the roller coaster with trying different chemos but I have not had any juandice as of yet. What will probally give me problems is the number of tumors in my lungs and some bone mets. I’m completely immuno-suppressed today and just started filgrastim injections and antibiotics. Taxotere seems to really want to eat up white blood cells as well as cc ones I’m hoping. I wish I could offer more. Please feel free to ask questions as many on this site have dealt with stents and juandice.
    Wishing you Guy’s The Best!
    Jeff G.


    Hi Alice.


    Hi All,
    I’ve been watching and reading this site for about a year now. I guess it’s about time I introduce myself and John.
    My name is Alice and John is my ex-husband. We’ve been back together for twenty-one years.
    John was diagnoised with cc in march 06 after having his gallbladder out. Previous to the surgery John had severe pain in has side and back. He went to the emergency room thinking it was a appendicitis. They couldn’t find anything but a hemangiomia and it was nothing to worry about. That was about a year before the correct diagnosis. When the surgeon was removing the gallbladder he decided to check the liver and did a biopsey.
    We ended up at The University of Arkansas Cancer Research Center. John started a clinical trial for Sorafenib. It proved disasterious. John was in intensive care for two weeks on a ventilator. The doctors said they almost lost him three times. So much for trial drugs. After he was strong enough he started a combination of gemzar and oxaliplatin. after two runs of this he was switched to xeloda. After four two week treatments the last one was cut short due to hand and foot syndrome. We had a ct scan yesterday, bad news all tumors have increased in size and he has jaundice. January 2 and 3 we will be going back to our original chemo treatment. Hopefuly this will shrink the tumors and relieve the jaundice.
    Sorry this has been so long but alot has happened.


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