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    I am Jen04’s sister and we are wondering if this delay is our collective doctors’ way of letting us know there isn’t much they can do for dad?! He was a perfectly healthy 60 yr. old man… Seriously 2 colds in my life time so this is quite shocking for all of us! Any insight or suggestions to expedite this process and what to expect will allow Jen to sleep! My warmest thoughts to all!



    Good work Jen, I knew you would be seen better here. At the top of our pages we have a search site, if you go there and type in Seattle you might get some answers on doctors in that area. I know we have people there but cannot remember who it is. Other wise I know you will be getting some more answers here.


    Jen. Where are you located? If we knew that we could help you find a CC centre where you could get a second opinion or quicker treatment options. Also, let us know where the tumor is located and if there are any other circumstances we should be aware of.


    Mine was diagnosed with the ERCP, where they did take a sample of the tumor and sent to pathology. I was in surgery less than one week later, having it all removed.


    My father has a tumor and has been told it is more than likely Cholangiocarcinoma although it is taking weeks to get a proper diagnosis. Can someone tell me their experience in getting a proper diagnosis and getting in for tests? We saw a gastroenterologist yesterday to get scheduled for an endoscopic ultrasound and FNA but it is 3 weeks out. This sounds ridiculous since the tumor was first found on Jan 2nd.

    We live in Seattle and my father had a CAT scan, ERCP brush biopsy, and an ultrasound to first find the tumor. He was referred to a general surgeon who couldn’t do anything for us and we were wondering why we were there in the first place and then had to wait another week to get the appointment yesterday and now 3 more weeks.

    Just feeling helpless.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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