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    I’m glad you are feeling more positive. We are all pulling for you!



    Glad you are feeling hope again! That is all we ask for as patients…..a little hope for the future! Looking forward to hearing more info on the immunotherapy trial. Hugs and prayers headed your way!


    Thanks everyone. I felt so much better after my appointment. I felt hope again.



    It sounds like a very good day- I love to hear about those. Very exciting about the immuno therapy possibility. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and look forward to hearing more.

    Best wishes,


    David….everything is moving forward the way it should. I suppose the physicians will take a close look at the previous scans for comparison and therein lays the answer of interpretation. I have been told that a scan is only as good as the physician’s ability to read it correctly. Additionally, radiation technology is one area of technology that needs to be improved. You are in good hands, dear David, if possible try to relax a bit. The answers will come your way real soon.
    So happy to know the eye problem resolved on it’s own.


    David, sure sounds like some hope here and I do like the way your ONC is navigating! Talk about little things that count. I got my Teddy home one time after a Scan w/contrast. As he was climbing in to bed I notice the needle was still in his arm. OMG! I didn’t know whether to run him back or to be extremely strong. I did it. I pulled the needle out like I have seen done a million times. Yes, it is the little things that count. Waiting now to hear some good news on what your next step will be!


    Brief update on my oncology visit. We discussed some different chemo options that he has up his sleeve that might work much better than what I had before.

    But, there’s another immunotherapy study opening up soon and I may get on it! There’s a possibility that my tumor isn’t visible enough for the kind of measurement they want, but I won’t worry about that yet. Once the onc gets some more info from my surgeon – he’s trying to determine if that new tumor they found might have been hiding there all along and the chemo I had didn’t affect it, or if it came up after chemo – he’ll make a decision on if we start one of the chemo studies or try to jump right into the immunotherapy. I don’t have any info on this study yet, but if/when I learn more I can post in the Clinical Trials board.

    One more thing on my doctor visits today. I had to go to the lab, then the eye doc. The lady who drew my blood was very friendly. I’ve been having a bad few days, but she really cheered me up. We talked about our eye problems and gross stuff like needles being stuck in the eye. But then she noticed when accessing my port that I still had gunk on my from my EKG electrodes. She got some of those little solvent pads that are stronger than alcohol and cleaned that off for me. It’s the little things. :)

    Oh, yeah. My eye has gotten better on it’s own, so no lasers or meds injected into it! (I had a slight irritation of a blood vessel that was diabetes related that cropped up right before my second surgery.)

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