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    Hi Janet, I’m so glad things are sort of settling down now. I agree that real life is very hard. I hope your son continues to do well and you continue to get away and swim in the ocean and take care of yourself. Nature is very soothing to the mind, body and soul I think.

    Praying for better tomorrows,


    Hi Janet,
    You really HAVE “been through the mill” – I am glad things are settling down with your son. It must be very difficult – dealing with all this. It is one of the most difficult aspects of our situation now, I feel – our “aloneness”. Even though I have a wonderful , supportive family (my Grandchildren are here with me this weekend, as a matter of fact), and great friends, I still fell the “aloneness”. I am sure that you (all of you who have lost a loved one) do also. I do hope that your other son is supportive of you, and that you can all 3 hold each other up, along with God’s Grace.

    Joyce C.



    Sorry to hear all you are dealing with, but glad your son is improving. Remember to take care of yourself through all this!



    Hi My family and I have been through the mill with my husbands recent death so quickly we are still reeling with the shock of it -one of my sons has bipolar disorder and even though he has been well for years the recent events have triggered a hypomanic episode.We are now back on track and doing ok but it has been pretty nightmarish.
    Real life is very hard Janet

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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