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    Good luck mnauss! We will indeed pray for you and your wife that you have great results and a speedy recovery.

    I asked my oncologist about a liver transplant – my two sisters have each offered part of their livers – but he said that I would probably keep growing tumors regardless of whose liver I had. Besides, one of my sisters had hepatitis once and the other is a recovered alcoholic, so neither is a good candidate.

    We’ll be anxious to know how it goes.



    You and your wife have great courage! You obviously have had a good marriage and I just have a feeling this union will go just as well! Best of luck to you both and I will be praying for you!


    I think this a wonderful thing and you are very lucky in having such a good wife – and one with the right blood group too!
    All the best to both you and your wife.


    It’s been four months since my staging surgery. I have been up and down on the transplant list currently at number one at Mayo MN. The doctors have decided to go with a living donor and are currently organizing two surgical teams for my transplant. My donor is going to be my wife!!!! We both have the same blood type (B+) and she has been through all the testing and is in great health. They will remove about 70% of her liver and give it to me. She is so excited that she can be my path to better health…I Love her so much. Please keep us in your prayers. Hope great things have been happening to all of you!!!!

    God Bless,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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