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    Joe…. not infrequently do situations such as this occur with chemotherapy treatments. My sister in-law (different cancer) once mentioned that blood infusions felt just like receiving a pep pill.
    There is a saying on this board, dear Joe, that this cancer is comparable to that of a roller coaster ride. Hold on tight and hang in there, we are rooting for you.

    Hugs to you and your family,




    Today was exactly 2 weeks of starting chemo and my mother hit 100.7 degrees. We took her to the ER as instructed by the MD and have been able to control the fever. Problem is they didn’t see a very stable blood count, both with white and red blood cells so a transfusion was completed along with a bag of platelets. The MD said that this is common with chemo patients and there is no need to worry. All is a bit shocking since she has had little to no side effects during treatment so far and yesterday I took her out Christmas shopping and we had a great time and she showed zero signs of fatigue or sickness. She’s still in the hospital and we’re being told she probably won’t be released until Wed or Thursday of this week. I ask for your continued prayers as this has been a major curve in our road and was a reminder of how quick things can change while getting treatment.

    As always thanks to everyone and your continued support and prayers. My mother, family and all appreciate it very much!


    Yea! Joe. So far so good and that is a good post. Tired goes with the territory. Here’s to Mama to keep up the good work! Love the post.


    Second Week of Chemo is underway. So far so good. My mother has been doing well, so far no stomach issues or side effects other than being tired. She did have to go into the doctor’s office today for a white blood cell shot since her count was low yesterday but we were told that this is common. But here’s to continued success with no side effects or minimal.

    Thanks again to all for your continued support and love. Means the world to me!


    Hello again.

    In case you’re not monitoring all posts, I just posted this “helpful hints for chemo” to another new member

    Good luck


    Thank you all for your continued support! It means the world to me and my mother! Thank you!
    I’ll post an update next week after her second go at chemo tomorrow.


    Dear Joe,

    In 2013 we celebrated what we thought would be my mother’s last holidays with us . Although her treatments thus far have only been “palliative”, she is still with us and feeling fine. I wish for your mother the same success.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family,


    Joe…my heart is with your and your family. Does your mother have medical coverage? If so, then you may want to discuss with the physician the option of biopsy testing for molecular alterations.
    Hang in there, we are rooting for you.


    Dear Joe and Debbie,

    Prayers and well wishes coming your way. Together you will make a wonderful team that sees every day as special and every day one to give thanks for.



    Dear Joe, try not to think about next Thanksgiving and focus instead on the here and now. Just wanted to mention to have your Mama ‘graze’ on food all day rather than large or full meals. In the long run she may eat more that way. A CC patient will look at a full plate of food and loose their appetite at the thought of eating all that in one sitting. Also I found that comfort foods work very well. Soups, omelets with cheese in them, even buttered noodles, puddings and jello. Turkey sandwiches work well. You get the idea, I am sure. Please keep us updated on how your Mama is doing.


    My mother, Debbie (61) was diagnosed with Stage 4 ICC. She has tumors on the left and right lobes of the liver ranging from 2-8cm large and shows mets in the lyph-nodes in her abdomen and potential met in her skull which is soon to be biopsied.

    Monday we started chemo which we’ve been told is a form of palliative chemo therapy to control pain, not curable. Which has been a very difficult thing to swallow to say the least. I’ve reached out to U of C and Northwestern here in Chicago but none of the trials have sounded promising enough at the moment so we started with the GEM/CIS therapy.

    So far everything is good but she’s only 4 days in. I pray I can keep her eating and drinking plenty of fluids. I honestly wish Thanksgiving yesterday would last forever. I can’t imagine her not being here next year. I’ll post hopefully positive progress next week. Thanks for all the support on here this is a wonderful resource for myself and others dealing with a loved one with CC.

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