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    Great news! I hope to see it drop some more!!


    Thank you guys!!! xoxo


    Well, this is the kind of news I love waking up to! Keep it going!


    Good news indeed!! I hope to hear more.


    So my mother who has stage IV,non operable CC just finished her first “round” of Gemzar and her tumor marker went down!!! Before treatment her CA-19-9 was at 91 and after her first round it went down to 26!! Her oncologist said that this was great news that hers has is responded so greatly. She said in about 70% of cases most people do not respond and in the 30% that do repond, it is usually not that big of a drop. She was due to start 5FU along with the Gemzar, but since she has responded so well to them Gemzar, they are just going to keep her on the Gemzar. With that being said her oncologist also told her that her prognosis is better now. Such Awesome news, we just pray that she continues to respond well to Gemzar!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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