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    Thanks All for your re-assurance that the Dr’s might actually know what is going on… (bad joke, sorry)

    I do appreciate being able to ask the questions that have bugging me!

    You all are a Gift!


    mmking: CA19-9 markers can elevate for ANY reason! They can go up because of an infection, getting a stent placed, getting an external drain tube exchanged. I would not focus on those markers, instead rely on how your mom is feeling from day to day.

    There are things to watch for: More yellowing of the eyes or skin, vomiting, being more sleepy than before, irrational thoughts or behaviors, fever, stools with no color, etc. These can all be signs of something going on.



    mmking…….I have learned that the CA19-9 can be elevated for numerous reasons. On it’s own this marker does not have much value. Enjoy that your Mom is doing so well.


    CA19-9 is not an absolute useful predictive or prognostic biomarker for CCA.
    Your doctor is right on that. In short, CA19-9 is of limited value for CCA.
    God bless.



    After just posting (and feeling) very upbeat about my mom and her fight,today i find myself on the downside of this rollercoaster ride. After hearing from my mom that her tumor markers have gone WAY up since she started only getting chemo every other week (vs. 2 weeks on and 1 week off cycle of Gem/Cist)
    Results from her Chemo last friday- the CA-19 was at 400 something, where as the chemo prio(2 weeks prior) it was at 245 something (i dont have exact #’s) and was at the lowest – 85- after 6 or so rounds of a 2 week in a row 1 week off, schedule.
    My mom’s Dr seems to stress that the markers are not all that significant and its more of how she feels. To the last part i agree… but….. i guess, for me the markers are something concrete i can measure the success of treatment with… But Should I? Do other Dr’s down play the markers?? I am worries with their rise. Again, my mom is feeling great… but i am still concerned with the higher markers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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