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    Hi Cait, Scott and Marion,

    I couldn’t find my way to the link, but my wife is having similar pain/aches in the few days following gemcis infusion.

    Any thoughts on what it is? or how to treat it? My wife tells me its more like a pinching feeling in the general area of the liver… where the primary tumor is.



    Tumor pain is quite common. Please see one of the numerous links addressing this issue:


    Hi Scott – not sure if you ever found your answer, but I have a similar situation. Prior to my diagnosis I was basically without symptoms, but I feel like we’ve poked the bear so to speak, and I have pretty frequent very manageable pain. My CA19-9 has been coming down, and scans do show some shrinkage, so I’m hoping that is what’s causing this pain.


    I’ve noticed pain in the tumor since I’ve started my chemotharapy? I meant to ask my health people about it today, but I was distracted by the low white cell thing. Its not an unbearable pain, I’d comepare it to the pain you get from a bruise.
    Anyone else have this? I’m hoping it means that grapefruit is getting its ass kicked

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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