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    Thanks for your input Marion! It seems they believe the liver is causing her pain and they are trying to figure out if radiation to the liver would now be more appropriate- I guess it is scary to think of just leaving the spinal mets alone for now- but hopefully they know best. All the best to you!


    Kristina…So sorry to hear that your Mom has mets to spine; not an uncommon occurrence with this cancer and quite pain producing too.
    Our JeffG had posted on this as have others so I thought to enclose a few links:

    Radiation to affected ara appears to help. I hope for others to chime in and share their first-hand experience with us.


    Hey all,
    Mom has gone through 11 rounds of Folfirinox (9 of which were with oxi before they took her off) and her tumor has been shrinking consistently by the looks of her ct scans since being diagnosed in 4/2012. She’s been having some nasty back pain and when she ended up in the hospital with an infection they did an MRI that showed a couple mets on her spine. It looks like our next steps are a short course of radiation and then gem/cis. Hope it works! I have been looking at other clinical trials, but the onc feels strongly that this is the route to follow. Does anyone else have experience with spine mets after continued shrinkage? Thanks for your help and you and your loved ones are in my daily prayers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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