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    Hi Jlbianco,

    Welcome to our community.  I am happy to hear you are finding the discussion board helpful.

    The size of the tumor is not always a good guide as to whether surgery will be possible.  Some patients on this board have reported smaller tumors wrapped around major arteries or in other difficult locations that could not be surgically removed.  In my case, I had surgery before chemo.  My pathology report says my tumor was 10 cm at the time of surgery, and it was removed with very narrow margins as a result.

    A question you may consider asking your doctor is whether it is time to seek a surgical opinion (or second opinion).

    It is great news your tumor has been shrinking with treatment.  I hope this continues.

    Regards, Mary


    Hi all!

    It’s my first time posting and I just want to say thank you for being so informative for me while I went through my diagnosis and so on!

    I was diagnosed on 12/18 with a 13.5 cm tumor with no option for surgery at that time. Fast forward; I have gone through 12 weeks of chemo (9 actual treatments – gem/cis/abraxane) at Dana Farber in Boston. All is looking good – numbers are going down and my tumor measured at 9 cm at my last scan. Dr said I’m stable and refusing to give me anything but a neutral answers. I get it…

    My question is for those who have had surgery either before/after chemo and what size the tumor was upon operating??

    I told him I needed something to visualize and again, he refuses to give me any inkling of what a goal size could be. I get that there’s reconstruction and potential vena cava complications (blah blah, science) but I just need a size.

    I’m interested to hear others stories of how small their tumor(s) were before surgery…

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