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    I know that I have posted research links here on the site regarding tumeric and they will be able to be accessed by using the search forum function at the top of the page.



    My understanding is that turmeric is not good for people with bile duct obstructions. I didn’t use it for my mom for this reason. I am not sure of the source, but somehow came across information. I know it is beneficial for inflammation, but again it may be for people not with bile duct issues.


    Does anyone else have experience with turmeric? I have been taking a tincture of it for the past 5 years and have considered it the reason I have been okay…maybe not? I know John Hopkins has been doing studies of the use of turmeric in fighting cancer and it has had some good outcomes.I, too, has hilar cc


    Is curcumin dangerous / bad for CCA patients?
    Is Turmeric dangerous / bad for CCA patients?
    Is Krill Oil dangerous / bad for CCA patients?


    Elizabeth…. Tumeric has been discussed on this site and information such as this is invaluable to us. Thanks so much for sharing.


    Hi! Just wanted to say that after reading about turmeric as a liver support my partner with hilar cc and I asked the nutritionist at mayo if it might be good for him to take in supplement form. She said not in his case – his bilirubin is high, and if it does anything, turmeric increases bile production, so it would be best not to in his case.

    Please note: We asked about “turmeric” rather than “curcumin”, the principal curcuminoid of turmeric and something that is also used as a supplement for liver support. At the time, I mistakenly thought they were identical.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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