Two Years Today

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    Great news! It does indeed give us all hope when someone is succeeding at beating this!

    -Candy Z


    Thank you all for your great words. I am always hesitant to post on here, but you guys ALWAYS make me feel better. If i can bring hope to just one person, then my day is complete! I didn’t do much to celebrate, but my husband came home and gave me a big hug and told me “Happy Anniversary to US!” He said he didn’t know what he would have done without me for the last two years. That was as good as cake and ice cream!

    Suzanne-I still get my scans every 6 months, and hopefully that will last another year. I am still not completely sure I am ready to go to once a year. They always do an abdominal/pelvic CT with contrast, sometimes a dual or triple phase, if that makes sense. On the bloodwork, they always test all my liver functions, do a complete CBC and a CA19-9.

    I also have chronic kidney failure (stage 3) and my nephrologist does bloodwork every three months to test my renal levels. The surgery dropped me from 51% function to 40%, but I am maintaining that. Because of the results of my last renal panel, I am now on iron, potassium, vitamin D and something called Zemplar for raised parathyroid levels. All this has to do with my kidneys primarily, not my liver, but I am starting to feel like I’m 100 years old! I already take meds for high blood pressure and reflux…I feel like a walking medicine cabinet!!!

    Thanks for all your good words. Sorry for such a long post. You guys really brighten up my life!

    Take care,


    Hi Sue,
    Such wonderful news – it does make the rest of us feel good, too. Two years is quite a milestone. We need uplifting news, and rejoice with you. Darla is right – cake – and ice cream – would be in order!

    Joyce C.



    I’m so very glad to hear your good news! Two years really is something to be celebrated…I hope you did something special to mark this day.

    I know what you mean about posting with good news…I have felt that. But, I think no matter what I was going through, I would be so glad to hear that someone was beating this. So, I wouldn’t feel guilty! It is wonderful to hear and cheered up my whole day after reading your news this morning.

    I will have my 10 month CT scan at the end of March and I hope that each of us will have only very good news to report!

    I am just so happy for you Sue! Keep the good news coming!!!



    Sue…..never guilt – just pure joy. I am so happy for you and I would like to thank you for making my day a bit brighter.


    What wonderful news! I am so happy for you. You give others hope, please don’t ever feel guilty. You are blessed.


    Sue……… Your good news is like hope flowing freely through the air sprinkling cure dust on some of us and just maybe the next whirl wind will pick up some more and sprinkle again passing, along some more good news. Like I’ve always said hope is in the air and you just never Know.
    Bless your sweet heart!
    Jeff G.


    Sue – Woo-hoo!

    We love to hear good news. It gives us hope.

    Congratulations and best of luck.


    Hi Sue,

    Congratulations. No need for guilt or shame. I have to agree. There is so much sadness & pain on this site that it is always good to log on & see good news. I too am glad that you can put aside the fear of a reacurrance and live your life. Keep up the good work. I am hoping that everything keeps looking good for you. Cake would be good, too! :)



    Hi Sue – Be glad! It is a wonderful amazing thing you are beating it.

    How often do you have a CT & MRI, and what blood test(s) are your doctors using to detect any reaccurance?

    Keep fighting!



    Yes, I agree with Lainy, this type of news is what gets us through, knowing that someone is winning this fight. And this is a guilt-free zone, you are among friends and we want to celebrate this milestone with you! There oughta be cake!

    I am glad to hear that on most days you don’t allow this to get in your way, though I know that must be difficult to do.

    take care of yourself,



    YEA!!!! You go girl! Don’t ever feel guilty about beating this monster. I used to feel that way when posting about Teddy’s success so far. I have now come to realize it gives everyone such hope to hear success stories. You have worked long and hard to tell this story. Keep up the good news and we are so very happy for you!


    Good morning all,

    Today is my two year

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