Uncle is worried about sugar intake along with the Cancer..

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    I am from the no sugar for cancer camp and have found by reading labels that sugar as an additive is in most everything. Its hard to cut out that kind of sugar but it can be done to whatever level you want if one is disciplined. Your Uncle has his needs and I can offer 2 things I use to sweeten my whatever. They are stevia and xylitol. Stevia in liquid form and I use only a few drops per cup. The xylitol is mostly for baking, in place of sugar. I wish you and your uncle the very best. Good Luck. Bill


    Why the no sugar? There are some camps out there who believe sugar feeds cancer cells. I don’t know enough to comment on this, but some cancer diets include limiting or restricting sugars for this reason. This comes from (I believe) that cancer uptakes glucose and it is this mechanism that is exploited in PET scans and enables the imaging of the cancer cells. In this case, I can understand his desires not to have sugar.



    Moonchaser: Buy some Boost, they do have it for diabetics. That should give him the nutrition he needs without him having to worry about the sugar. My husband Tom is a diabetic and at this point in his life, I worry more about the weight loss than I do about his blood sugars getting too high. I get the Boost Plus for him so that even when he can’t eat solid food, he is still getting some much needed calories.

    Is your uncle Diabetic? If not he should not be worrying about his sugar intake, Sugar gives you energy. If he is not drinking soda and eating other sugary foods then an occasional sugar like what is in Boost Plus should not harm him at all. But, you have to remember that sometimes people are ‘stuck’ in their ways and there may be nothing you can do to change that.

    You may want to get him into talk to a nutritional counselor and she/he may be able to give him some better ideas on what to eat and how to eat a better balanced diet.

    Go with God and KEEP KICKIN’ THAT cancer.



    My Uncle just found out Feb. 14 his has CC, but he is also worried about his sugar intake which drives me CRAZY… He takes no medicine for it, but freaks out when it gets over 130… The Good range is 80 to 114 when taking your sugar… He’s having a hard time digesting food… He’s not throwing up, but is losing weight… I have suggested a Frosty, but he says , it’s got a lot of sugar in it.. I’ve suggested Sugar Free Pudding, but he still swears it has sugar in it and that it will raise his sugar… At this point.. I don’t know what to do, cause if he has Cancer “CC” I’m thinking the sugar shouldn’t be on his mind… He has to get Something down , like Ensure or something like that… “Confused” …. I don’t mean to sound ugly about all this.. but to me, being a diabetic myself… I think 130 is good.. He should get concern if it gets over 200, but to my knowledge it hasn’t …. I just want him to realize that sugar is Good for him without pushing the issue…

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