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    My experience with the cleveland clinic was not cancer related. However, my brother in law was ill for many years and was in both places. My sister in law’s main complaint against the Cleveland Clinic was what she called “the giblet approach”. Because it is a huge teaching hospital there are many teams that deal with different parts of you and you rarely have that overall picture that is so important. I would just encourage you to ask if you will be in the CC who will be in charge of your care, pre-op and post-op if you are in for surgery and for the oncology if you have follow up needs. Its important not to be dragged into the system without being in one dr’s immediate care.
    Good luck, Belle.


    thanks for the feedback and advice! really appreciate it.


    I know some people that have been treated at both and I think University has been given the highest rating. THese people weren’t going for CC though. My husband goes to OSU and we have been very pleased and I’ve spoken to others that have left the Cleveland Clinic for OSU and were happier. At this point because of where we live if my husband has any recurrence I think we will go to the UPMC in Pittsburgh. They actually have a very highly regarded liver cancer center and are probably one of the best in the area as far as research and new treatment techniques. IN general where I live 40 miles south of Canton everyone seems to be of the opinion that you should go east or west but not north. The lady that runs the health food store we go to says people live longer in her opinion if they get treatment in Columbus or Pittsburgh. I don’t know but I do know that you should get several different opinions and not accept the opinion of just one DR and not look further. THey really don’t know a lot about this cancer and treatment seems to vary depending on who you talk to. Good luck and best wishes. Mary


    Hi all,
    feel very fortunate to have great hospitals in our area, but wonder if anyone has experience with the Cleveland Clinic or University Hospitals in relation to CC? My brother’s been seeing a surgeon at Clinic, but has an appt next week to meet the counterpart at University…any shared experiences would be great..


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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