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    University of Chicago Mini Cholangiocarcinoma Conference

    Join us for a day dedicated to the science of and patient
    experiences with cholangiocarcinoma.

    The afternoon will begin with presentations by:

    • Dr. Chih-Yi “Andy” Liao, who is a medical oncologist and
    expert in bile duct cancer. A member of the University of
    Chicago Medicine’s renowned gastrointestinal oncology
    team, Dr. Liao also is part of the multidisciplinary liver tumor

    • Dr. Sumera Rizvi of the Mayo Clinic will deliver the keynote
    address, “The Immunology of Cholangiocarcinoma.” Dr.
    Rizvi recently received the Andrea Scott Memorial Research
    Fellowship awarded by the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.

    • Dr. John Fung, Professor of Surgery, Chief – Section of
    Transplantation, Co-Director – Transplantation Institute.
    With more than 30 years of experience, John Fung, MD, PhD,
    is a renowned leader in the field of organ transplantation,
    including liver, kidney, pancreas, islet and intestinal
    transplantation. Dr. Fung also performs procedures for bile
    duct cancer and obstruction, gallbladder and biliary tract
    diseases, and hepatobiliary malignancies.

    Wednesday, October 3rd, 2:00-6:00pm

    Ida Noyes Hall, Cloister Club
    1212 East 59th
    Chicago, IL 60637

    Shuttle pick up and drop off location:
    5841 S. Maryland Ave, Chicago, IL 60637
    (across the street from parking garage A)

    Parking A and B will be available for guests to park.
    Parking A: 5840 S. Maryland Avenue
    Parking B: 5656 S. Maryland Avenue

    Register today at:



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