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    Brilliant news on the shrinkage Duke, much happiness does indeed abound! Living life to the fullest, I like the sound of that,a lot!!

    Hope you enjoy Easter!



    Wonderful news on the shrinkage. :)


    Read about the “blood moons”. There was also a lunar eclipse to add spice.

    The combination of full moon, blood moon, and eclipse brought out some strange ideas. Scary.

    LisaS – just chemo. One round of cis/gem, eight rounds of carbo/gem, now two rounds of gem only. Started third today.


    Congrats on the good news!! Wonderful to hear!
    And keep making us smile… It’s great medicine.


    Duke –
    We were just talking about the “end of times” yesterday on our way to Seattle…..We had the first of the four blood moons Monday to Tuesday and there is a lot of talk about that being a sign too. My husband says that he didn’t go through all this %^&% treatment to have the world end now. He says he will be really pissed.

    Congrats on a good scan. Love to hear that.
    Have a great Easter.



    I wrote technical reports for 40 years. They even bored me to tears. Creativity was discouraged. Humor was forbidden. Third person only. It feels great to use the right side of my brain. And if I can bring a smile or two, so much the better.

    Looks like my treatment is pretty much in the “Lather, rinse, repeat.” mode for now. Maybe boring can be pretty good, in the right circumstances.


    Great news on your scans. Was that just from chemo or did you have radiation too?

    I’ve got about a month until my next scans. They want inflammation to go down post 30-days of IMRT.


    Dukenuken, Congratulations on the really good scan report. I am reading through your old posts for inspiration. Thank you and God bless.

    Julie T.


    HA, HA, HA Duke great post. First I am extremely happy for your progress and 2nd I get it about all the weirdo’s. Yes, Spring has sprung and time for new beginnings and lots of healing! It’s already in the 90’s here and they say its going to be a hot summer. Duh, it’s the Desert! Keep on Nuking it Duke!


    Results of CT scan showed the main tumor in liver continues to shrink (down to 10.5 cm – started at 18+ cm in July). Much happiness abounds. Chemo today was uneventful (which is always good news).

    Talked with Oncologist. We will continue with gemcitabine only for the forseeable future, reevaluating as CT scan results come in. Removing carboplatin has not adversely affected results. Neuropathy has decreased markedly in toes. She is pleased with my progress. Possible future options include folfox. I’ve seen it mentioned now and then. Any quick comments?

    Rejoice! Easter is a few days away. Spring is right around the corner (right after the next snowfall). Life is good – live it to the fullest. Don’t sit on the sidelines watching it go by.

    BTW – supposed to be a good meteor shower the night of May 23-24 or so. I just googled it. There are people out there preaching the end of the world, Satan’s coming, end of civilization as we know it, etc. And all we have to worry about is a little cancer. There are people out there with bigger problems than us. Scary.

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