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    Hi Sandie,

    I love your positivity – it radiates through your post. x


    Sandi….so happy to hear from you and to know that you are doing fine. Agree on living life to the fullest – a good lesson for us all.


    Hi Sandie,

    Good to hear from you. Thanks for the great update. Hoping to hear more of the same from you in the future. :)

    Love & Hugs,


    Thanks for the update Sandie, and yep, love what you say about not giving up on life and enjoying what you have. Laughter and having fun is so important and one of the best medicine’s is it not.

    Hoping to read more good news from you in the future and also that you are continuing to enjoy life. And hope as well that you continue to recover from your chemo.




    Sandie, thanks for your post. We can’t be reminded enough to stay positive and enjoy what we can. It’s nice to read that you are back on the good side of the coin.


    Great post Sandie and yes, life is for the living! I believe one can block worry and stress if they really try and that is just what you have done. Time for worry and stress if the bad news comes enjoy the present and the ‘present’ you have been given! Keep the good news coming, YIPPEE!


    I thought I would post an update. Am an active reader but don’t post too often.

    I had my resection in January 2012 followed by adjuvant chemo and radio but in July 2013 a CT scan revealed recurrence involving two lymph nodes. I completed six months gem/cis chemo which was tough to take but the results were good and bad. Three more lymph nodes involved but 60% reduction … as of May 2014 all five lymph nodes were below one cm.

    It took two months to recover from chemo but I am not back to normal and thoroughly enjoying life.

    I know that there will be growth in the lymph nodes and that there is only a certain amount of chemo one can tolerate, but for the time being life is good … I fill it with laughter, fun and new achievements which keep me alive and hoping.

    My message is don’t give up on life …enjoy what you have and love living.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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