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    Dear Chuck’s daughter,

    Sending prayers to Duke….wrapped in hugs, blessings and much gratitude for all he has given to the great people of this site. We love you Duke!


    Chuck’s daughter, I’m pretty seldom on this site because I feel like my wounds get worse and worse if I read stories of other people here but I felt as if someone’s pushed me to check the site where I’ve met wonderful people – your dad is one of them. Please, tell him I’m praying for him from Lithuania. My dad died after the hepaticojejunostomy because of septic shock in May, he had Klatskin tumor. Your dad was one of the great people on this site who supported me when I was down, depressed, at a loss.

    I’ll be sending my support to your family, your dad is a very great and strong person, an example to follow. So was mine. Tell Chuck he’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. All the best for you and your family.


    Hi Chuck’s daughter,

    I am sorry to hear this latest news about your dad. Please tell him that we are all asking for him and of course rooting for him as well.

    Your dad will know this but I just want to say to you as well, if we can help in any way what so ever then please just ask and we will all do what we can. We are all here for you always.

    My best to you and your dad,



    Chuck’s daughter. Thanks so much for letting us know what’s going on and thanks also to your dad for thinking of us even now as all this is happening. He has been an inspiration to many and such a kind and caring person. Helping others while going through so much himself.

    Know that we are all thinking of him and hoping for the best for him on this journey that none of us wanted to travel.

    Give him my love and tell him he has a lot of people here thinking of him and who truly care.
    You, Chuck and all of his family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.



    Chucks daughter please tell Chuck that I am sending lots of prayers and hugs. You tell him to keep fighting. Your father has been so helpful to me on this journey. He always was positive and informative. Your father is a very special man and has helped so many of us.

    Give him a hug. Thanks for up dating us.


    Hello, Thank you for taking the time to update us. Your father is such a remarkable person who has helped so many. Love, best wishes and prayers are with your family.


    Chuck’s daughter…..thank you so very much for following your Dad’s wishes to contact us. It is so much like Chuck to think of others. Please tell him that we miss him immensely and that a million hugs are heading his way. I assume easing the mucositis has been discussed, but thought to mention it anyway: Biotene and BioXra dry mouth products can offer relief to your Dad.
    Know that our hearts are with you and your entire family.


    Dear Duke’s Daughter, I am so sorry to read about my favorite CUZ! I just pray for him to have comfort which will bring peace to him. He is one awesome man who has helped so many on this Board with his research, advice, caring and most of all sense of humor. Give him a hug for me and please tell him I am always thinking of him. Thank you so much Chuck’s Daughter.


    If you happen to check the boards for Duke, please let him know that I am praying for him and your family.

    Julie T.
    Iowa Girl


    I am DukeNukem’s (Chuck’s) daughter. He asked me to post here for him.

    My father had another round of chemo this past Monday but had a poor reaction to it and was taken to the hospital. He had developed mucositis on his tongue and all down his throat. He will be coming home today from the hospital for at-home hospice care. It’s been a very long week, and he’s had his good days and bad ones.

    This community has meant so much to him, being able to be so open about something we his family can only try and comprehend and support. He wanted to let you know that he is still continuing his journey but is just going down a different path now.

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