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    Curiously, I have started to take cinnamon breakfast cereal. I think in the States it was called Grahams, then Curiously Grahams but here now, it is just Curiously Cinnamon. Not having it for breakfast but as a very early morning snack. I know that in Florida everything is served with cinnamon, so perhaps I am trying to re-live enjoyable times, but, hey, who cares if it works? And I have decided, no matter what happens, I am not destined to re-capture my fat-free, muscle-bound physique again so live with it and enjoy these little treats. What a load of havers! I was never muscle-bound!!

    Take care y’all.




    Just the thought of a fish supper, with vinegar and brown sauce is so appealing, then I manage a tiny bit and the rest is wasted. Breaks my heart.

    It’s to be cold next week but dry. That’s important for us just now because we are having our roof re-tiled. It seems to take forever and of course, we are surrounded by scaffolding. I can’t even get out of the house. What is really annoying is that the roof was completely renewed less than 12 years ago.

    How’s your dad these days? Is he still as tired?

    Take care



    Hi Ron,

    Glad to hear that got some sleep and that you can eat and drink again, good news indeed! A fish supper for tea??

    I so agree with the end of your post that the alternative to not fighting is indeed not appealing.

    Hope your having a good day and that it’s slightly warmer down your way, it’s baltic up here!

    Best wishes



    Sleeping, eating & drinking??? Fan-tas-tic news!!!

    I hope you feel betterer & betterer … Jx



    At risk of denting all the wood, the Fluconazole does seem to be working, and pretty quickly. One benefit is that the suspension actually tastes nice.

    4:00 am – I was awake but had enjoyed a much better sleep beforehand and I can now eat and DRINK! Hooray!

    Went back to bed and slept some more. Body clock must be changing.

    All the best.



    Hi Ron,

    Fluconazole will do the trick too – marvellous!

    Hope you’re still asleep as I write…..zzzzzzz



    Thanks for all your kind thoughts. To be fair, the GP surgery is very attentive to my needs and I have been prescribed Diflucan Suspension (Fluconazole). I take 5ml per day and it seems to be having an effect (Touch wood, any wood will do!).

    Kris there is no way I am going to intentionally do ANYTHING to make you cross. I am just happy to wind you up a bit.

    Had a short sleep this afternoon and will try to stay awake now until night time.

    Keep positive everyone.



    Hi Ron,

    I do hope you’ve managed to get some sleep by now.

    I agree with Kris on the yoghurt option for the thrush, plus some local nystatin, amphotericin or miconazole.

    I used to keep plain live yoghurt in the fridge & eat it really cold & just hold it in my mouth for a while.

    It’s better if you can stomach one without sugar because that may compound the problem but if your appetite is not good have whichever you fancy. It’s cool & soothing to your mouth which is nice even if only temporary & will help generally with the thrush. Added crushed soft fruit like raspberries can be nice as a pleasant ‘sharp’ taste.

    There are dietary measures that will deal with thrush, but can be a bit restrictive diet wise & does need persistance so I won’t expound the theories right now, particularly if you’re struggling with food.
    I’d be happy to share if you’d like – I’m still a newby with the cc but an old & experienced hand with thrush/candida due to previous!

    You may already know all this so apologies if I’m teaching granny to suck eggs! Or yoghurt……

    When you have oral thrush it’s possible that it’s all through your gut & really makes you feel grot, even when you don’t have the cc & other health issues to deal with. Nausea, heartburn after food, bloating etc etc. which can all be attributed to cc as well – boy, do we all know how to have fun!

    Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep & better days onwards

    Take care, Val


    God bless you, Ron. I want to join in with the rest of you non-sleepers. Last night was not so good. I woke up hearing my dad call for me to help him. Crud! No one to talk to. So I made some coffee, convinced my Beagle that even though snow fell last night he still had to go out, tried to think of a solution to Kris’ hair dilemma and settled down to watch tv. (Did you know there is an oven that actually bakes a frozen turkey in record short time??) Perhaps we could start some type of late night chat line…

    Would popsicles help with the thirst? My dad ate boxes of them a week. They come in so many flavors, now. And sugar-free, too, which my dad needed. He also loved watermelon, which he also devoured in massive amounts each week.

    Hang in there, Ron. And thank you for sharing your message. I am grateful to this site to have met such strong, wise people – worldwide – I am honored to call my ‘cyber’ friends. We may have come together here searching for answers and support in a desparate situation, but we have found so very much more. I think of everyone, EVERYONE daily; we have cried together, laughed together, prayed together, gotten angry together. We have celebrated birthdays, grieved end of life, honored many cultural holidays, and laughed at an array of jokes. I just can’t imagine surviving this period of my life without any of you, and can only hope I have been a little helpful to you all, as well.

    Hang in there, Ron.



    You are so right.

    Have they given you anything for the thrush? It is a very unpleasant side effect for sure. Have you tried rinsing your mouth with apple cider vinegar and eating yogart? They helped me.

    Now Ron, dont let yourself become dehydrated or I shall get very cross with you!

    Keep up your spirits and enjoy that crisp autumn Scottish air. Is the heather in bloom yet?



    Hello Ron, what would we do without a computer to help get us through the night? I have sat here many a night/morning because of CSS (can’t sleep syndrome) worrying about Teddy. About the dry mouth I will make a feeble attempt here. How about lemonade? I think it is so great that one can come on here and “let it out” because when you “type” it all out it really is cathartic and you become ready for a new dawn, a new day. Everyone on this site is already a survivor. Hoping for some better days for you!


    Dear Ron,

    I agree with the others and thank you for the encouraging post. I am sure that most of us, all having been touched by this horrible disease in one way or another, patients, caregivers and those of us who have lost a loved one have many sleeplisness nights and your post “No matter how bad you may be feeling just now, things can improve, so look forward to the better days.” is just the boost I too needed when I came on here this morning.

    Here’s hoping for better days for you and everyone of us.

    Love & Hugs,


    Dear Ron,

    I have just logged on after what I termed as a bad nights’ sleep. But in comparison to yours I slept like a baby….

    The middle of the night is always worst for bleak thoughts, I work nights regularly and that is when my mind starts wandering to the what ifs and if onlys. I am concerned that you still have oral thrush, has your doctor prescribed Nystatin mouth drops for you? It’s hard enough to fancy anything to eat and drink when you feel ill but to have a dry, sore mouth must be horrendous. Miconazole gel may also be useful… Just a thought.

    Thinking of you lots and hoping for a more restful weekend for you.



    Your message came at just the right time for me. I am having a real downer this week and I dont even feel sick. My poor partner is getting the brunt of it all. I will have to be kinder to him.

    Ron Smith wrote:
    “… No matter how bad you may be feeling just now, things can improve, so look forward to the better days.”

    Lots of hugs to you, Ron. Thank you for that message. Emotionally, I’ve been on a downward spiral for the past few days – I feel bad about that because I’m not the one with CC!! Today I woke feeling “that’s enough!! onwards & upwards from now on”. Then I came on & read your message & you’re right … I’ll start the “better days” right now.

    I hope you get some good sleep soon & that you feel much better, too.


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