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    This has been a particulary bad couple of nights. Not because of pain, not even much in the way of discomfort. I just cannot get to sleep. It is currently 4:35 am and I have just finished a long e-mail to a former business colleague, but I am still not tired.

    As many of you will know, I suffer from ailments, other than CC, and they keep being added to. The problem, as far as the docs is concerned is that to treat one will probably have an affect on another. So I have fluid in the lung and the only relief comes from draining that lung regularly. They stick largish needles into my back. under local, in order to insert the draining tubes. This is fine and does not hurt, but eventually I have to take pain-killers. (keep that in mind for a minute). My lower extremities are very bad with fluid and the diurectics are not really working. The pain-killers cause constipation that just adds to the discomfort at my waist, making the fluid seem worse. Appetite is poor and so I have steroids to improve that. But they cause water retention!! Latest thing is very bad Thrush in my mouth. This makes the mouth so very dry, but I cannot find anything to alleviate the thirst. I was never a drinker but seeing someone on the telly downing a long. cold, beer to quash a thirst is really hard to take, when I know that it will taste of salty water to me.

    So, here I am, composing this at 4:55 am, still not tired, hungry or thirsty.

    What meassage am I trying to get over? Well, remember, very few of us has only one symptom, and each may affect the other. Our carers may have several problems, but, by and large, they will successfully hide them. No matter how bad you may be feeling just now, things can improve, so look forward to the better days. Finally, if you are able to reply to this, or send your own thoughts, you are still here fighting. The alternative is not so appealing.

    Best wishes to all.


Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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