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    great news!!!! keep us posted…I wish I can afford to buy it right away but I will have to save for a bit to order it…the web site listed the liquid for $1080. plus it stated that in addition to the liquid I would need to order capsules and suppositories…Lucian it sounds promising but very expensive…just like the Oasis clinic in Mexico…all natural treatment for cancer but way outta my budget…its not fair lol but I guess these companies have to make some type of profit to stay in business…thanks so much for the info and please keep us posted…God Bless friend. Tony


    Thanks Lucian, such good news and thank you for sharing. I am wishing for continued success and please, keep us posted.


    End NOv MRCP was done, the reports said the tumor was 1-2cm, (20 months ago was ~4x3cm, Blood report has always been good since Oct 2007.) now waiting for the say from specialist from liver center in Netherlands, hope to have some 3rd or 4th opinion.


    I have posted about my partner’s treatment in China, he was diagnosed and a stent inserted begining Apr 2007, late May began use chinese medicine Tian Xian Liquid, begining June started treatment in the hospital in CHina from the same inventor for Tian Xian Liquid, now in total 6 times treatment, each time CT-scan is done about 20 days after the treatment, the result of first time was so effective that teh stent could be removed, the second time was schrunk than first time, third time again stable or schrunk a bit, 4th time was stable actually slightly increased, 5th time stable, 6th time was better than expected, that is now, the report is that it almost cannot be seen if not carefully check.

    The medicine plus the treatment is definitely effective in our case, we were grateful since seeing the first result, although I still have my figures crossed even now. Hopefully by continous taking the mechine, which strengthen the immue system as well as destruct the tumor cell (I see more research about it) it can be under control.

    Google Tian Xian Liquid, you see about the medicine, and the inventor Wan Zhen Guo, the link to hospital is http://www.wzg.cn/, there is english version although at this moment it seems inactive.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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