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    Hey Charlene! Please know that Lee and I will be praying for you and John…Lee is having some major problems with teeth as well…yesterday during chemo treatment Lee brought it up…they said under NO CIRCUMSTANCES was he to have ANY kind of oral surgery done…as a matter of fact they said to just have the tooth that is falling out glued to the one next to it…they cannot risk any complications from surgery….apparently infection…illness…loss of blood…his counts are really low…almost had to have transfusion last week…that type of thing….and remember…God is much bigger than this cancer….don’t give up hope or faith!



    I don’t understand why she’d be so upset about him getting treatment for something in his jaw.

    Anyway, lots of prayers going out your way.


    Charlene, all the best for you and John.


    You and John are in my thoughts and I am sending all my love to you.


    Charlene, you and john are in my prayers.



    Hi Charlene…. I am sending prayers your way. I just started filfil treatment 2 days ago. Not folfox. It’s irrotencean, levorin(sp) and 5-fu push and 46 hours cad pump of 5-fu. Suppose to work from inside out and outside in and act as blocker to keep tumors from feeding at the same time. Time will tell.
    I surely hope cancer is not coming back. You know a bad jaw infection can cause weight lost as well. Especially with toothache and if you are having chemo draining your immune system at the same time. I believe in taking a break and have done so a few time already. Largest break was two months this month I’ll be a week and 1/2 late to start second cycle so I can go visit my Mom.
    Prayers, fingers crossed and toes!and lots of positive thoughts.
    God bless,
    Jeff G.


    Hi everyone,
    Well this weekend John got a tremendous toothache. I called a dentist and he has infection in his jaw. The dentist pulled the tooth and put him on antibiotics.
    We went to see the oncologist today also and she was SOOOOOO angry! She said we should of consulted her first. I had no idea. Anyway John has lost 10 pounds in the last 28 days, The oncologist thinks the cancer is coming back. She has schedualed a CT scan to check things out.

    She told us that if the cancer is back she is taking John off chemo because it is basically killing him and she doesn’t want his last days to be filled with unnessesary (sp) side effects.

    Pray for us please.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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